Bombay Borough's Soulful Dastarkhwans


As the sun sets during the holy month of Ramadan, families come together for iftar, breaking their fast in a beautiful ritual that goes beyond nourishing the body to feed the soul. Ramadan is here, and Bombay Borough is laying out its Dastarkhwans for you to indulge in their Iftar Dastarkhwan set menu.

Dastarkhwan, a term embraced in South Asian cultures, symbolises a tablecloth for communal feasts. Bringing in the warmth of community, their soulfully crafted Iftar menu ranges from shared Iftar platter to flavourful smalls, street grills, heartwarming biryanis, and desserts, delicately infusing traditional Iftar classics with their signature progressive touch. Immerse yourself in the richness of tradition and the warmth of community and celebrate this special season with friends and family.

Monday 11 March - Wednesday 10 April 2024