Enjoy a symphony of flavours at Hutong

Hutong proudly unveils its meticulously curated Iftar set menu, an artful composition designed to elevate the experience to sublime heights. Priced at AED 248 per person, from 6pm to 7.30pm, guests may commence the journey with a choice between the soul-soothing Golden Pumpkin Soup with Chilean Cod or the robust Hot & Sour Soup with Chicken. The starters are a trio of delights: the vibrant Duck Bao with Green Chilli, the succulent Hutong Prawn Roll, and the innovative Mapo Tofu Millefeuille.

Transition seamlessly into the middle course, where the star is a tantalising Steamed Dim Sum Platter; opt for the luxurious Black Truffle Har Gow, the flavourful Prawn & Chicken Siu Mai, and the indulgent Charcoal Beef Xiao Long Bao. The main course unfolds as a symphony of flavours, featuring the delicate Stir-fried Seabass Fillet with Ginger, the aromatic Kung Po Fresh King Oyster Mushroom, and the comforting Hutong Egg Fried Rice.

Conclude this culinary journey on a sweet note with the delectable Silk Road Sweets, a trio featuring the richness of Caramel Date, the luscious Custard Millefeuille, the tangy Sour Plum Millefeuille, and the crunch of Frosted Walnuts. Complementing this gastronomic ensemble is the specially crafted mocktail, Oasis, a harmonious blend of 24-hour clarified punch, dates, pineapple, yuzu, coconut, and Oolong tea. Each sip echoes the tranquillity of Ramadan evenings.

Monday 11 March - Wednesday 10 April 2024