Enjoy summer with happy hours at Coffee Island


When you step into this cozy specialty coffee shop, you will discover a world of flavor! Visit them and everyday between 3pm to 4pm where you can enjoy their "Happy Hour" and get 12oz hot and cold coffees priced at AED 15 only! Coffee Island's baristas are trained to prepare the perfect cup of coffee using only the finest beans and traditional brewing methods from around the world. Whether you prefer a strong or mild brew, they have the perfect blend for you. And if you're feeling peckish, try their delicious Greek pastries and snacks.

10:00am - 10:00pm

Founded in Patras, Greece in 1999, Coffee Island has cultivated a loyal customer base due to the integrity of its processes. Coffee Island insists on exacting production standards by sourcing varieties of specialty green coffee beans directly from farmers, and then converting that raw product in its own processing units out of Patras.

The Coffee Island experience is like no other, with a richly flavored and fastidiously curated menu of outstanding specialty coffees, served in a manner to please any coffee connoisseur. The goal is to craft nothing less than the most perfect coffee experience for each and every customer — from bean to cup, in every store, with every visit.

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