Joe & The Juice launches new power packed protein shakes!


Joe & The Juice, the trailblasing Danish brand famous for its health-focused yet irresistibly delicious menu have launched a brand-new range of protein shakes. 

This delicious lineup has been created with nutrition on top of mind while offering an eye-popping visual feast in shades ranging from electric blue to bright green. Each shake is made from solely natural ingredients with up to 27 grams of pure protein, and zero refined sugars. The drinks are a visual and nutritional knockout that will have guests reaching for their shaker again and again!

Kicking off this flavour parade is Chocolate Flex, a smooth, muscle-loving blend of cacao powder, banana, whey protein, and date puree. Think chocolate ice cream – but way healthier and packed with 23 grams of muscle fuel. Next up, the Beets & Berries shake combines sweet strawberries with earthy beetroot powder for a refreshingly powerful twist on your usual blend. Expect a favourite Power Shake, but with an exciting and nutritious makeover.

Hold onto the shakers because Unicorn Tears is here to sprinkle some magic on anyone’s day. Creamy almond butter and a dash of cinnamon spice swirl together with a splash of blue spirulina, delivering 25 grams of protein with an eye-catching hue. And for those who love a little nutty indulgence, The Nutty blends rich peanut butter, banana, and date puree with 27 grams of protein for a shake that'll keep taste buds and muscles coming back for more.

Finally, Big Matcha Energy wraps it up with grassy notes of matcha, sweet vanilla, and high-quality protein. It is a burst of energy that will keep the health-conscious crowds going strong, morning and afternoon! 

Friday - Saturday | 08:00am - 12:00am

Sunday - Thursday | 08:00am - 11:00pm