Suhoor Bliss: Arabian nights at Joe & The Juice


Joe & The Juice, the esteemed Danish Concept Brand, invites guests to celebrate Ramadan with a taste of exclusivity. Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of the UAE, this beloved juicery, cherished by coffee aficionados and health enthusiasts alike, proudly presents an exclusive creation in collaboration with Cypher Urban Roastery.

Embark on a sensory journey with Joe's Sahara Coffee, a special blend meticulously crafted for Ramadan. Roasted at the local Cypher Urban Roastery, this Emirati coffee features a delicate balance of fragrant cardamom, offering a truly authentic taste experience. Served over ice with almond milk and caramel, this exclusive blend pays homage to the traditional art of coffee roasting, delivering a delightfully unique flavour profile.

Welcoming the Ramadan spirit, Joe & The Juice brings back limited-edition cups adorned with illustrations by Emirati artist Aysha Al Hamrani. Available throughout the holy month, the artistic cups are set to add a touch of local flair to the celebration, making the Ramadan experience even more special.

In the spirit of community giving during this sacred month, Joe & The Juice introduces the highly anticipated Ramadan Cards, available exclusively on the app. These cards offer exceptional value, allowing guests to indulge in six menu items for the price of four, with savings of up to 33 per cent. Valid for purchase throughout the first week of Ramadan, these cards have no expiration date, providing flexibility for redemption at any time.

As we embrace Ramadan, Joe & The Juice invites guests to enjoy a complete experience. From savoring Joe's Sahara Coffee, crafted with Cypher Urban Roastery, to admiring special edition cups by Emirati artist Aysha Al Hamrani, and enjoying exclusive discounts with Ramadan Cards, there's something for everyone this holy month.

Monday 11 March - Wednesday 10 April 2024