Spice up your Ramadan and Eid: A round-up of the best experiences across DIFC


Ready to indulge in an unforgettable Ramadan feast? Look no further than DIFC's top-notch, award-winning restaurants! Treat yourself to stunning views, Ramadan and Eid festive menus that will tantalise your taste buds!

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Published: 13/04/2023

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Celebrate the holy month with Alaya's exquisite Iftar menu of shared delights


Celebrate the holy month with Alaya's exquisite Iftar menu of shared delights

Alaya is celebrating the holy month with an exquisite Iftar menu. Served from sunset onwards, Alaya invites diners to break their fast with an array of delectable dishes, designed to be shared. The Iftar begins with a selection of appetising mezze, including a rich and smoky Baba Ghanoush, delicate Grape Leaf Dolma, freshly fried falafel, a mouth-watering Cheese Sambousek, and refreshing Tabbouleh Salad.

To follow, guests can indulge in tender Chicken Fakhara, traditional Lamb Ouzi, succulent Tiger Prawns and Shish Kofte, all served with Maqluba & Vermicelli Rice and potato Harra. Ending on a sweet note, Alaya serves a choice of Levantine desserts, such as sweet, crunchy and creamy Kunafeh, a delightful and silky Muhalabia and a tantalising syrup-soaked Baklava.

Price: AED320 per person (prices are subject to a 7% DIFC authority fee and 5% VAT)

When: From Sunset - Iftar

Location: Alaya, Gate Village, Building 4, DIFC


Delightful four-course Iftar menu at CLAP this Ramadan. Savour now!

Indulge in a truly exquisite culinary experience this Ramadan with a four-course Iftar menu at CLAP. Get ready to tantalise your taste buds with a mouth-watering selection of dishes, including savoury miso soup, tender squid kara age, and delectable sushi rolls. And don't forget about the main courses! Choose from a succulent Sea Bass Panko, Rich Black Cod Miso or Marinated Lamb Rack, all served with a side of Spinach Miso Risotto. Finally, indulge in the perfect dessert, featuring a heavenly Cheesecake Goma Kunafa and a refreshing homemade Yuzu Mango Sorbet.

Price: AED275 per person.

When: Daily from sunset to 8pm (from the first day of Ramadan)

Location: Level 9, building 11, Gate Village, DIFC


Hutong's special Iftar menu offers lavish four-course dining experience for Ramadan

Diners can indulge in a truly lavish Iftar experience this Ramadan with Hutong's special Iftar menu. The exquisite four-course menu is filled with delightful surprises. The meal starts with a choice of a savoury Chicken Broth and Mushroom Dumplings or a light and refreshing Asparagus Yellow Bean Soup. Diners can then treat their taste buds to a selection of Hutong's signature starters, including the Lamb Char Sui Bao, flavourful Hutong Prawn Roll, and the delicate Artichoke and Lily bud.

For the main course, Hutong's skilled head chef Ren has prepared a trio of mouth-watering dishes, featuring the succulent Steamed Cod and Fresh Sichuan Green Pepper, Chicken Stir-fried in Truffle sauce, and Roasted Peking Duck with Pancakes. The sides are just as delectable with the Fried Noodles Wok-Tossed with Vegetables and the Ginger Chinese lettuce. To round off the experience, guests can enjoy the sweet and sumptuous Date Pudding.

Price: AED198 per person

When: 6.30pm – 7.30pm every day during Ramadan

Location: Gate Building 6, DIFC


Marea introduces a delectable Iftar menu for Ramadan

The Michelin-selected Italian seafood restaurant, Marea has curated a special Iftar menu for those looking to break their fast with its signature Italian cuisine.

Diners can enjoy a flavourful mezze platter of dates, dried apricots, caramelised walnuts, with honey and olives to start with, followed by a silky-smooth roasted tomato soup topped with burrata and basil. Next up, a creamy burrata served with tomatoes and fresh taggiasca olives leads diners to the main event – rigatoni, a classic handmade fresh pasta made with a melt-in-the-mouth wagyu beef bolognese and topped with parmigiano.

The delish meal ends on a sweet note with Tiramisu made with mascarpone, espresso and chocolate crumble.

Price: AED250 per person

When: 6.30pm – 7.45pm throughout Ramadan

Location: Gate Village 7, DIFC


LPM unveils a delish Iftar menu with Mediterranean flavours

The home of French Mediterranean cuisine, LPM Restaurant & Bar welcomes guests to enjoy a special Iftar menu during the holy month of Ramadan. LPM’s Iftar menu boasts a wide range of Mediterranean flavours. Guests can enjoy a delectable four-course meal, which includes a soup, dates, all four starters, one main course, one dessert and additional side dishes.

The starters include iconic dishes, such as the Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil; Warm Prawns with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice; Butter Bean Dip with Aioli and Quinoa Crisps; and the Salt Cod Croquettes with Roasted Pepper Relish. LPM has refreshed the main course this year with their new dish, the Grilled Sea Bream with Sauce Vierge with Coriander, and kept some of its iconic dishes, including the Marinated Lamb Cutlets with Olive and Aubergine Caviar and Pine Nuts, Marinated Baby Chicken, and the Homemade Rigatoni Pasta with Tomato and Chilli.

For guests who wish to indulge in the Broccolini with Chilli and Ginger or the Potato Gratin, they can do so for an additional AED 30. A sweet treat is the perfect way to end the meal, with rich options, such as the Chocolate and Hazelnut Choux, Crème Brulee and a refreshing new dessert, the Apricot Pistachio Filo Pie.

Price: AED250 person

When: 6pm – 8pm

Where: Gate Village No, 8, DIFC

The Artisan

Break your fast with The Artisan special Iftar menu for Ramadan

Italian restaurant, The Artisan is inviting guests to break their fast with a special Iftar menu this Ramadan. To start the Iftar meal, The Artisan offers a delightful platter of Datteri, Tarallli, Parmigiano Reggiano, which is a combination of dates with Apulian Taralli, and Parmigiano Reggiano chunks. Following this is the Carpaccio di Barbabietola, a sweet and sour beetroot carpaccio, caramelised walnuts, ricotta, green apple and rocket salad. This dish is a perfect blend of sweetness and sourness, with a crunch from the walnuts and a refreshing taste from the green apple and rocket salad. For the dessert, The Artisan offers its signature Pannacotta Ai Datteri with a homemade dates pannacotta, caramelised hazelnut, and orange zest. The creamy and smooth texture of the pannacotta, coupled with the sweetness of dates, provides a perfect end to the meal.

Price: AED 165 per person

When: 6.30pm to 8pm

Location: Waldorf Astoria, DIFC


Neem Tree Lounge offers unique Iftar menu for Ramadan with Emirati and International cuisine

Celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with a unique dining experience at Neem Tree Lounge. The Iftar menu offers a fusion of Emirati specialties and international cuisine.

Start your meal with a warm welcome of dates, olives, jam, and dry fruit served with Arabic bread. Then, enjoy a variety of cold starters, including the Hummus and Moutabbel. The Neem Signature Salad features freekeh, baby spinach, rocket leaves, orange, dates, and avocado.

For hot starters, try the Arabic Hot Mezzes with kibbeh, cheese roll, meat sambousek and falafel or the Fatteh Lahme. You can also choose from the Lentil Soup or Creamy Chicken Soup.

For the main course, indulge in the Levantine Mixed Grill, featuring shish taouk, meat kebab, lamb tikka, and arayes. Finish off your meal with the delicious Neem Baklava served with blackberries, pistachio, and Turkish ice cream or a Fruit Platter with fresh fruits and lemon sorbet.

Quench your thirst with our selection of drinks, including orange, jallab, tamer hindi, and ayran.

Price: AED180 per person and 140 Suhoor

When: 6.30pm onwards

Location: Gate Avenue, South Zone, DIFC

Sushi Fashion

Experience Ramadan like never before with Sushi Fashion's irresistible Iftar Sets!

Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan with Sushi Fashion's delectable Iftar sets, which come in three options.

In the Yakitori Ramadan Sumo Feast, guests can choose from Chicken Yakitori, Salmon Yakitori, or Tuna Yakitori options, all served with a range of sides and a choice of beverage.

In addition, each set comes with two pieces of dates and a choice of dessert, including mouth-watering Crunchy Banana Nutella or Strawberry Banana Nutella.

For those looking for a little more variety, the Katsu Ramadan Sumo Feast is the perfect option for guests to enjoy Chicken Katsu, Tempura and Dynamite served with a range of sides, miso soup, two pieces of dates, and a choice of beverage.

And for the ultimate sushi lovers, the Sushi Lover Ramadan Sumo Feast offers a selection of bestsellers, including Volcano, Torched Salmon con Crab, Harajuku Drift, Sesame California Maki, and two pieces of Nigiri. Served with miso soup, two pieces of dates, the choice of beverage, and a delectable dessert, this feast is not to be missed.

Prices: AED129 for Yakitori Ramadan Sumo Feast; AED129 for Katsu Ramadan Sumo Feast; AED149 for Sushi Lover Ramadan Sumo Feast

When: Until 30 April 2023

Location: Zone D, Gate Avenue, South Market, DIFC