UAE 52nd Union Day


In honour of the 52nd UAE Union Day, join us on a journey towards a sustainable tomorrow by celebrating the nation's rich past, enduring legacy, and boundless potential. From 29 November to 3 December, visitors can celebrate the long weekend by engaging in family-friendly workshops and fun activities that allow you to experience the country’s rich culture.

Wednesday 29 November - Sunday 3 December


- Timing: 12pm to 10pm 
- Location: Zone D, Gate Avenue

Planting for a Greener Tomorrow
Roll up your sleeves for, pick a pot, let your creativity flow. On-site experts will guide and share tips on plant care, ensuring your new green companions flourish for a long time.

Embrace the Elegance of Henna

Dive into the rich tradition of applying henna during Union Day celebrations at our dedicated corner. Bring family and friends along to adorn your hands with elegant white henna designs and personalised crystal stickers.

Face Painting
Let your little ones feel proud for the nation! Watch as their faces light up with joy, celebrating the spirit of Union Day in vibrant colours. 

52nd Union Day

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