DIFC Sustainable Finance Catalyst

Sustainable Finance Catalyst to grow sustainable finance flows from Dubai to USD 100+ Bn by 2030


Launched on COP28's Finance Day in 2023 and building on DIFC’s position as the first global sustainable finance hub in MEASA and as a legacy to COP28, DIFC’s Sustainable Finance Catalyst is set to grow Sustainable finance flows from Dubai to USD100 bn by 2030; help scale sustainable finance from Dubai, enabled by the first AI-driven sustainability knowledge hub; activate a network of strategic partners that will train 1 million sustainability leaders; and grow its sustainability-driven start-up ecosystem 50x by 2030.


Hosted in the new DIFC Innovation One, the Sustainable Finance Catalyst is to become Dubai’s first centralised intelligence unit on sustainable finance, investing in awareness, capability and innovation to accelerate the market from Dubai and provide faster and cost-effective ways for companies to access sustainability knowledge and data, sustainable financing, and develop required capabilities. 


Growing the Sustainable Debt Capital Market

DIFC is the #1 Sustainable and Islamic Finance Hub creating an AI-driven sustainability knowledge hub designed to scale sustainable finance from Dubai.

Building Capacity of Future Sustainability Leaders

DIFC is the #1 Talent Hub for Financial Services and Innovation set to scale future capacity by training 1 million sustainability leaders by 2030.

Foster Sustainable Innovation

DIFC is the #1 Innovation Hub in MEASA with 3,000+ innovators shaping the Future of Finance aiming to grow sustainability-driven startups 50x by 2030.


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