Dubai Sustainable Finance Working Group

The Dubai Sustainable Finance Working Group (DSFWG) was launched in July 2019 to coordinate efforts to create the most sustainable financial hub in the region. The group is integrating environmental, social and governance best practice across Dubai’s finance sector.

The group’s efforts align with UAE Sustainable Development Goals 2030:

Additionally, the working group's actions are contributing to the UAE's commitment to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050 and ensuring sustainable development whilst protecting the environment.


DSFWG - Key Pillars

Embedding ESG into the Dubai Finance Sector is via 4 key pillars:

Name Description Result
Responsible Business Operations Embedding ESG into business operations, to mitigate risk and achieve best governance and reporting practices Sustainable corporate performance and growth
Responsible Investing Promoting the principles of responsible investment, and integration of ESG in investment-decision making and mitigate investment risks Development of a more sustainable financial system
Growing Sustainable Finance Encourage the issuance of green financial instruments (green Equities, Bonds / Sukuk, Derivatives / ETFs in Dubai / Green Fintech) Development of a more sustainable financial system
Gender Diversity and Inclusion Nurture and cultivate diversity and inclusion in business, capacity building, developing Gender equality, woman and youth empowerment


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Four active sub-working groups

The DSFWG has four subgroups, which cover a range of themes including:


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From theory to practice - Key Initiatives

The Dubai Sustainable Finance Working Group has published two comprehensive guides as part of Dubai’s efforts to accelerate its leading position and expansion of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainable finance in the UAE and wider region. The guides inform issuers and investors about best practices in the rapidly expanding ESG sector and the commercial opportunities it offers.


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