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DIFC is a global financial centre strategically located between the East and West, providing a stable and secure platform for businesses and financial institutions to tap into the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The Centre’s internationally recognised and independent regulation, common law framework, tax-friendly regime, and enabling environment make the ideal hub to access the region’s rapidly growing demand for financial and business services. DIFC fills the time-zone gap between the leading financial centres of London and New York in the West and Hong Kong and Tokyo in the East. Guided by its core values of integrity, transparency and efficiency, the Centre continues to play a pivotal role in meeting the growing financial needs of the region.


To be a global financial hub


To promote growth and development of financial services within the UAE by providing world-class infrastructure and business opportunities



Centre Bodies

Offering a sound, stable and secure infrastructure, DIFC’s three independent bodies enable and support the growth and development of businesses in the Centre.


 DIFC Authority is the central entity established to oversee the strategic development, operational management and administration of the Dubai International Financial Centre.

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 Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is the independent regulator of financial services

conducted in or from the DIFC.

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Dispute Resolution Authority (DRA) is responsible for the independent administration and enforcement of justice in DIFC. The DRA incorporates: DIFC Courts, Wills & Probate Registry and the Arbitration Centre.

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Under construction Future Development

The Masterplan


DIFC offers a holistic lifestyle for today's international financial elite. The Centre’s integrated Town Centre, Residential Zone and Office Zone, ensure that resident individuals and corporations can access the full range of professional, residential and entertainment amenities within the DIFC.

Dubai & The UAE

Since the establishment of the federation, Dubai & the UAE have a demonstrated remarkable economic growth and political stability. A strategic business and cultural destination, the emirate has facilitated an attractive working environment, suitable and stable living conditions and a vibrant social atmosphere.

Committed to enriching and enabling international trade networks, tourism, real estate and the financial ecosystem, the UAE has become an established commercial hub for investors, businesses and multicultural communities.

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