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The tremendous variety of cafés and restaurants available across DIFC is one of the district’s most compelling features.

Home-grown cafés operate next to global coffee chains, while dining options range from casual and convenient to award-winning fine dining.

DIFC caters to the diverse preferences of the more than 22,000 professionals working in the Centre, as well as to the many daily visitors and residents.

This expansive choice is mirrored by an equally varied range of locations and backdrops. The Centre’s architecture is designed to allow enjoyment of the outdoors during Dubai’s cooler weather and to provide airy, sun-lit and air-conditioned settings during the warmer months.

More than 70 cafés and restaurants take advantage of this architecture and landscaping, with prominent areas including the Balcony, Gate Avenue, Gate Village and Marble Walk.

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Advantages of setting up in DIFC

DIFC is the unrivalled financial hub of the region, offering a simplified commercial licensing and operating environment ideal for all types of café and restaurant concepts. Safe and stable, Dubai is a global city and business, trade and tourism centre that’s fully connected to regional and global markets.


A large and growing footfall from more than 22,000 professionals and visitors


Many customers have considerable spending power and host frequent business meals


World-class facilities offering exceptional settings and interior design opportunities

Register in Three Steps

Simple and straightforward licensing and registration, makes setting up and operating in DIFC fast and efficient.

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Discuss your café or restaurant concept with DIFC service advisors


Submit application documents 


Receive approvals for licenses, visas and consent notifications

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