Prescribed Companies

Across finance, trade, tourism and infrastructure sectors, companies have the opportunity to tap into key factors pivotal to business growth and success.

As a Prescribed Company, DIFC provides you with an appropriate business framework that is in line with best international practice.

DIFC offers a flexible and business friendly set-up for its Prescribed Companies with unparalleled, high-quality infrastructure, complete with a low-cost legal structure that is easily established and implemented. Companies look forward to opportunities of growth in a financial free zone that offers a host of attractive benefits like 0% tax rates and 100% foreign ownership options to name a few. The Prescribed Company license also comes with the added ability to issue visas subject to the fulfillment of necessary conditions.

Who can establish a prescribed company ? Under the Prescribed Company Regulations, a prescribed company can be established by a Qualifying Applicant or for a Qualifying Purpose pursuant to the regulations. 

Qualifying applicants:
  • Authorised Firm
  • Fund
  • Government Entity
  • DIFC Entities*
  • Shareholder or UBOs of DIFC Entities
  • Affiliate of a DIFC Entity
  • Family owned businesses with a large UAE presence
*Any DIFC registered entity with the exception of retail entity and a prescribed company.
Qualifying purpose:
  • Aviation Structure
  • Crowd Funding Structure
  • Structured Finance
  • DIFC Holding Structure – Entity established for the sole purpose of owning DIFC entity(s)
Advantages of Setting Up in DIFC

Strategic structuring
Focus on objectives with a structure that encompasses decision making and accountability.


Protects intellectual property
Allows IP to be used as security against fund raising or for commercialisation purposes.


Ring-fence assets
Own assets to reduce the complexity of the ownership and sale process in large companies.


Financing and securitisation
Asset securitisation as a means to raise funds, finance purchase of assets by raising capital.


Risk mitigation
Isolate risk by holding assets or liabilities, particularly where the parent company may be exposed to volatile markets.


Tax efficiency
Free-of-tax structure on profits, gains and shareholder returns can improve tax efficiencies.


Succession planning
Ideal for family businesses, can be used to manage a specific business continuity plan and ring-fencing assets.

Apply in two easy steps

Get a Prescribed Company license in 2 easy steps.


Application for registration of a company


Issuance of commercial license

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