Business Categories Guide

The below non-financial business categories guide is available to all entities and individuals, and their consultants and advisors, looking to establish operations in DIFC and are not subject to regulation by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

The guide is also accessible to entities that are subject to the DIFC Companies Law and Partnerships Laws, or other relevant legislation.


Brokers Consultancies Service Providers Product Providers
Labor Recruitment Brokerage Office Services Computer Consultancies Advertisement Designing & Producing Artificial Flowers & Plants Trading
Leasing Property Brokerage Agents Facilities Management Consultancy Antiques & Rare Collections Repaire Auction Hall
  Feasibility Studies Consultancies Art Gallery Baby Food Trading
  Financial Analysis & Consultancy Auctions Organizing Beauty & Personal Care Equipment Trading
  Human Resources Consultancies Award Rendering Program Beauty & Personal Care Requisites Trading
  Information Studies & Consultancies Beauty Salon Training Center Body Building Club
  Internet Consultancy Building Cleaning Services Books Binding
  Management Consultancies Building Maintenance Books, Newspapers & Publications Trading
  Marketing Research & Consultancies Businessmen Services Caffeteria
  Network Consultancies Car Park Rental & Management Calligraphers
  Project Development Consultant Cards & Envelops Printing Car Rental
  Quality & Standardization Consultants Carpets & textiles mending Carpets Trading
  Sourcing & Procurement Consultant Carpets Cleaning Coffee Shop
  Tourism and Recreation Consultants Cloth Pressing Services Computer & Data Processing Requisites Trading
    College Computer Electric Accessories Trading
    Communication Engineering Services Computer Equipment & Requisites Trading
    Community College Computer Software Trading
    Compliance & Risk Management Confectionary & Chocolate Trading
    Computer Graphic Design Services Cutlery & Silverware Trading
    Computer Software House Dates Trading
    Conferences & Seminars Organizing Distribution of Advertising Materials & Samples
    Cost Control & Risk Management Services Dried Vegetables & Fruit Trading
    Customer Care Centre Educational Aids Trading
    Data Entry Services Electronic Precision Instruments Trading
    Design & Artwork Services Flowers & ornamental Plants Trading
    Dieting & Weight Control Services Food & Beverages Trading
    Documents Clearing Services Gifts & Jewellery Box Making
    Documents Copying Services Gifts Trading
    Documents Transport Grocery Store
    Dry Cleaning Services Handbags & Leather Products Trading
    Education & Training Computer Software Health Food Trading
    Education Institute Ice Cream Shop
    Educational Facilities Management Services Ice Cream Trading
    Educational Technologies Research & Development Illustrated Magazines & Catalogues Trading
    Electrical Fitting Contracting Imitation Jewellery Trading
    Electronic Chips programming Invitation & Greeting Cards Trading
    Electronic Management Jewellery Trading
    Employment Agency Juice & Soft Drinks Shop
    Event Management Mini Store
    Fabrics, textiles & readymade garments screen printing Mobile Phones Trading
    Fashion Designing Novelties Trading
    Five Stars Hotel Nuts Trading
    Four Stars Hotel Oriental Carpets Trading
    Foreign Language Institute Paintings & Frames Trading
    Full Service Postal Agency Para Pharmaceutical Products Trading
    Fund Administration Pastry Trading
    General Clinic Pearls & Precious Stones Trading
    Gents Cosmetic & Personal Care Perfumes & Cosmetics Trading
    Gents Haircutting & Hairdressing Salon Pharmacy
    Gents Spa Club Readymade Garments Trading
    Gents Tailoring Restaurant
    Gents Wears Tailoring & Embroidery Workshop Restaurant & mini store
    Gift Wrapping service Roastery
    Government Liaison Office Sandwich Shop
    Hotel Apartments Rental Sculpture & Beautification Elements Works For Private Shows
    Hotel Consultants Selling Commodities By Automatic Vending Machines
    Hotel Management Shoe Trading
    Interior Decoration Smoking Requisites Trading
    Internal Communication Network Installation & Maintenance Snack Food Trading
    Internet Content Provider Soap & Hair Care Products Trading
    Internet Services Spectacles & Contact Lenses Trading
    IT Infrastructure Stationery, Drawing & Writing Instruments Trading
    Jewellery repairing Suitcases & travel requisites trading
    Ladies Cosmetic & Personal Care Sunglasses trading
    Ladies Gown's tailoring Supermarket
    Ladies Haircutting & Hair Dressing Telephones & Telecommunications Equipment Trading
    Ladies Physical fitness club Textile Trading
    Ladies Oriental Bath Tobacco & Cigarettes Trading
    Ladies Tailoring Tobacco Trading
    Laundry Services Trees Seedings, ornamental plants & annual flowers trading
    Legal Translation Used Jewellery trading
    Letters & Post Items Delivery Vegetables & Fruit Trading
    Management Services Watches & Clocks & Spare Parts Trading
    Managing Office  
    Marketing Management  
    Meditation centre  
    Men physical fitness club  
    Office Of International Organization  
    On Demand Labors Supply Services  
    Operations & Security Control Center  
    Parcels Delivery  
    Plastic Cards Printing  
    Poly Clinic  
    Portal Building  
    Promotional Gifts Preparing  
    Property Guard & Surveillance Services  
    Proprietary Investment Company  
    Proprietary Investments  
    Public Networking Services  
    Public Relations Management  
    Real Estate Management Supervision Services  
    Restaurants Management  
    Self-Owned Property Leasing & Management Services  
    Shoe Making  
    Shoe Polishing  
    Shoe Repairing  
    Social Club  
    Specialized Professional Institute  
    Sports & Recreational Club  
    Sub- Postal agency  
    Testing Center  
    Three Stars Hotel  
    Tour and Travel Agency  
    Tourism Guidance Services  
    Translation Services  
    Travel agent  
    Typing & Photocopying Services  
    Valet Parking Services  
    Watches & Clocks Repairing