Innovation Holding License.

An Innovation Holding Structure Licence is a commercial license that is similar to a Prescribed Company licence which is a type of corporate vehicle and categorised as Private Companies. These benefits make Innovation Holding entities amenable for use as holding or interim holding entities within wider transaction, financing or asset holding structures, subjected to the below requirements around the ownership and control of the Innovation Holding entity. A prescribed company can be established by a Qualifying Purpose only.

An Innovation Holding Structure can only hold:

a) shares in an entity (or entities) licensed as, or otherwise incorporated for the sole purpose of being, an Innovation Entity.

i. DIFC Innovation Licenced entities, FinTechs, InsurTechs, RegTechs, ESG, & Metaverse entities

b) the intellectual property held by an Innovation Entity within the Innovation Holding Structure.

The Licence is subsidised at USD 1,000 per annum + USD 100 one-time registration fee. Access to co-working space flexi desk is granted at an additional fee.

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