Retail Activities Guide

The below non-financial activity guide is available to all entities and individuals, and their consultants and advisors, looking to establish operations in DIFC and are not subject to regulation by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

The guide is also accessible to entities that are subject to the DIFC Companies Law and Partnerships Laws, or other relevant legislation. By providing specific descriptions of hundreds of recognized business activities, the guide identifies whether a proposed business activity can be registered and licensed in DIFC.

Activity Description (English) Activity Description (Arabic) Classification Description Additional Government Entity Approval Required
Antiques & Rare Collections Repair اصلاح المقتنيات الاثرية والثمينة Jewellery trading Includes the firms specialized in repairing and maintaining antiques and precious collections, including luxurious furniture, work of arts, manuscripts, books.  
Art Gallery صالة لعرض الاعمال الفنية Halls and exhibition Includes Galleries which constantly show art works such as drawings, sculptures, photographs, handicraft works, masterworks etc. or allocate these works of art for holding exhibitions for artists from time to time. This also includes promotion activities for these works.  
Aircondition & Refrigeration Spare Parts Trading تجارة قطع غيار اجهزة التكييف والتبريد ومكوناتها


Includes reselling spare parts of air-conditioning systems, central, window or split units as well as coolers, cold storage compartments, central water cooling and other refrigeration equipment.  
Artificial Flowers & Plants Trading تجارة الزهور والنباتات الصناعية والمجففة Ready made garments group Includes reselling artificial flowers and plants made of fibers, glass, ceramic and metal, also, flowers arranging.  
ATM ماكينة الصراف الآلي Automated Teller Machines Includes Automated Teller Machines of banks that are licensed by the U.A.E Central Bank.  
Auction Hall صالة بيع بالمزاد Halls and exhibition Includes firms engaged in buying and selling goods by offering them up for bid whether indoor for items like jewellery and vehicles and phone numbers, or outdoor bidding for items like cars and real estate, it doesn't include authentic artifacts and antiques .  
Auctions Organising تنظيم المزادات العلنية وادارتها Exhibition organisers Includes firms organize public auctions to sell properties or movables by experienced auctioneers and appraisers, and in specialized galleries or in any place specified by the concerned authority, also, carrying out related procedures, mainly obtaining auction permits, announcements, venue leasing, sorting out sold materials, transfer of ownership and value collection.  
Audio Recorded Media Trading تجارة الوسائط السمعية Video and recordings Includes reselling audio materials recorded on cassettes and discs and other magnetic and optical recording media, including radio programs, songs, lectures, educational courses, religious materials.  
Audio-Visual, Recording Equipment & Accessories Trading تجارة الاجهزة السمعية والمرئية واجهزة التسجيل ولوازمها Electronics group Includes reselling audio-visual electronic equipment, involving radio sets, gramophones, loud-speakers television and video sets, cinematography projectors, slides projectors, instant translators respectively, also, cinematography and television photographing systems, as well as other non-commercial. Equipment used for photographing and recording inside studios or for commercial purposes.  
Authentic Artifacts & Antiques Auction House صالة مزادات الأعمال الفنية والمقتنيات القديمة Halls and exhibition Includes firms which conduct auctions of genuine artifacts, antiques and/or artworks. Auctions may be held for either commercial or non-commercial purposes and may be held on behalf of a third party (e.g. art gallery, charity).  
Auto Accessories Fitting تجهيز السيارات بالأجزاء الإضافية Motor vehicle repairing Includes fitting non-essential automotive exterior and interior accessories which embellish the look and feel of an automobile or add functionality, also installing window film to reduce sun heat and glare  
Automobile Driving School  معهد لتعليم قيادة السيارات Motor vehicle & motorcycles driving institutes  Includes providing theoretical education and practical driving instruction on light motor, heavy trucks and buses, lifting trucks and motorcycles, before attempting the practical driving test conducted by the concerned authorities.  Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
Baby Food Trading تجارة اغذية الاطفال Foodstuff trading Includes reselling baby food, such as liquid or powdered milk, beverages, juices and other dried or liquid foods.  
Beauty & Personal Care Equipment Trading تجارة معدات التجميل والعناية الشخصية Equipment trading Includes reselling equipment and supplies used in beauty and hair saloons, rehabilitation and personal care centers, also, health oriented equipment like pure and flavoured oxygen generators, relaxation and message equipment like chairs, beds, steam and sauna rooms, other similar ones unclassified as medical or sport equipment.  
Beauty & Personal Care Requisites Trading تجارة ادوات ولوازم التجميل والعناية الشخصية Medicines trading Includes reselling of personal beauty treatment scissors ( hair and nails), shaving articles and brushes( hear, teeth and shaving), combs, small mirrors, rasps, wigs, hair dryers and shaving devices.  
Beauty Salon Training Center مركز لتدريب العاملين بصالونات التجميل Salon Includes provide training to professionals working in ladies salons involved in cosmetic and hair and skin care  
Body Building Club نادي كمال اجسام Sport Club Includes sport clubs which accommodate sport facilities for exercising body building in order to optimize trainees performance and qualify for regional and international sport excellence.  
Books Binding تجليد الكتب Printing and publishing services Includes workshops engaged in manual and automated book binding to prevent book damage and make easier to use, including deluxe binding using textiles or plastic or leather  
Books, Newspapers & Publications Trading تجارة الكتب والصحف والمطبوعات الاخرى Stationary and books trading Includes reselling different knowledge books in different languages as well as magazines and newspapers.  
Businessmen Services خدمات رجال الاعمال Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing Includes firms engaged in providing to businessmen secretarial services, shorthand writing, minutes taking as well as managing their affairs by means of scheduling their time, airline booking, hotel reservation, receive and see off at the airport, arrange their meetings with other parties.  
Cafeteria بيع الوجبات الخفيفة Restaurants and coffee shops Includes cafeterias that sell snacks, juices and beverages to the public.  
Car Cleaning تنظيف السيارات Cleaning Services Includes shops which offer mobile washing services for various kinds of cars. These services include cleaning or washing the car on-site at the parking.  
Calligraphers مشغل خط ورسم Advertising Includes preparing small wooden or plastic advertising boards, drawing and painting, designing simple firms' logos and trademarks, magazine covers.  
Car Park Rental & Management تأجير مواقف السيارات وادارتها Real Estate Includes firms engaged in operating parking facilities in public and private places and in airports and shopping malls.  
Car Rental تأجير السيارات Car rent and passenger transport Includes firms which lease cars without drivers. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA
Cards & Envelops Printing طباعة البطاقات والمغلفات Printing and publishing services Includes printing business cards, invitation cards to official events and celebrations, season's greeting cards and weddings congratulations cards. This also includes printing the envelopes.  
Carpets Cleaning غسل السجاد و تنظيفه Laundry Includes shops which offer washing services for various kinds of carpets, be it maquette, machines-made decoration pieces, hand-made oriental carpets. These services include cleaning or washing the carpets either on site or at the laundry, or redying or treating the carpets with materials to restore or strengthen the original colors in addition to the repair and sewing up operations.  
Carpets & Textiles Mending رفي السجاد و المنسوجات Cleaning services Includes shops which undertake repairing clothes, carpets, garments, curtains etc.  
Carpets Trading تجارة السجاد Furniture trading Includes reselling all types of carpet, including maquette and decor machine-made pieces.  
Catering Equipment Trading تجارة معدات المطاعم والمطابخ المركزية Mechanical & engineering equipment trading Includes reselling industrial kitchens equipment and machinery usually used by hotels, restaurants and hospitals to prepare, preserve and serve meals. These equipment are ovens, grillers, dishwashers, cold rooms, chillers, warmers and refrigerators, (glass fronts) service counters, conveyor belts,... etc.  
Catering Services تعهدات تزويد بالوجبات الغذائية الجاهزة Foodstuff supply Includes firms engaged in the provision of food and beverages on contractual arrangements with schools, institutes, hospitals, airlines, shipping companies and contractors with fresh meals cooked and prepared in own kitchens such firms must own necessary facilities to carry out the catering activities. The entity shall visit food & safety department in Dubai Municipality after obtaining the Commercial License and the total area of the unit shall be minimum 1000 Square Meter.
Cloth Pressing Services كي الملابس Laundry Includes providing pressing all kinds of clothing and textiles, provided by hand, by mechanical equipment, or by self-service coin-operated machines, whether for the general public or for industrial or commercial clients.  
Coffee Serving خدمة القهوة Other trading activities Includes selling and serving of coffee drinks and coffee related mixes.  
Coffee Shop مقهى Restaurants and coffee shops Includes shops sell coffee, tea, Juices, biscuits and certain sweet cakes and ice-creams to the public.  
Commercial Photographs Production  إنتاج الصور الفوتوغرافية التجارية  Print & Media Includes photographing in specialized studios or on location to produce pictures for different commercial purposes such as press documentaries, fashion shows, tourist items, advertising agencies pictures, as well as air shooting of landscape and urban landmarks  
Computer & Data Processing Requisites Trading تجارة مستلزمات الحاسب الآلي ومعالجة البيانات Electronics group Includes reselling tapes, CD-Roms, ribbons, printers ink, paper and other requisites used in computer operation and data storage.  
Computer Electric Accessories Trading تجارة تمديدات شبكات الحاسب الآلي Electronics group Includes reselling computer electric accessories such as distributors, switches, surge suppressors and battery back-ups and cables and connectors  
Computer Equipment & Requisites Trading تجارة اجهزة الحاسب الآلي ولوازمه Electronics group Includes reselling computers and accessories, including servers, modems, monitors, central processing units, printers, drawing and programmed discs, disc readers, memory and file storage requisites.  
Computer Graphic Design Services خدمات التصميم بالحاسب الآلي Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing Includes carrying computer drawing and designing for decorations, wedding and greeting cards, fashions, internet sites and many other activities, such works shall then be executed by specialized companies.  
Computer Repairing & Maintenance   اصلاح اجهزة الحاسب الآلي وصيانتها Repairing of electrical & electronic appliances  includes the repair of desktop and laptop computers and peripheral equipment , involving magnetic disk drives, flash drives and other storage devices, printers, monitors, keyboards, internal and external computer modems, servers.   
Computer Software Trading تجارة نظم الحاسب الآلي وبرامجه Electronics group reselling the set of application software and its documentation concerned with realizing the user's needs and problems, and is applicable in different domains, medicine, accounting, and engineering.  
Confectionary & Chocolate Trading تجارة الحلويات والشوكولاته foodstuff trading Includes re selling of all kinds of flavored confectionaries such as caramels, toffee, gums, lollipops, boiled sweets.  
Consumer Photographs Production  خدمات التصوير الفوتوغرافي - التصوير الفوتوغرافي Print & Media Includes personal photographing either in or outside specialized studios for different purposes such as passports, employment immigration visa applications. It also involves photographing weddings and other personal events. Firms which use coin photography machines are also included.  
Cutlery & Silverware Trading تجارة الفضيات وادوات المائدة Home appliances trading Includes reselling cutlery spoons and knives and other household trays, plates, candlesticks, whether made of silver or gold or silver-plated metal, or of stainless steel.  
Calligraphers & Painters خدمات الخط والرسم Advertising Includes firms engaged in the art of writing through hand lettering to produce different forms artistic writings such as, certificates, invitations, envelopes, business branding and logos, Leather products and others , it involves drawing and painting works as a form of different arts, including visual, arts, abstract arts, sketch arts, decorative arts, illustration arts, as well as graffiti, also, body painting, where artwork is painted directly onto the adults and children skin, unlike tattoo which is prohibited.  
Dates Trading تجارة التمور Foodstuff trading Includes reselling of all kinds of dates whether soft, semi crunchy or crunchy.  
Detergents & Disinfectants Trading تجارة المنظفات والمطهرات Chemicals trading Includes reselling chemical and non- chemical detergents for cleaning clothes, carpets, floors, destainers, bleachers, deodorants, bathrooms, kitchens and drainage points disinfectants, also, included utensils and glass polishers and air fresheners.  
Design & Artwork Services خدمات التصميم الفني للمطبوعات Printing and publishing services Includes providing a wide range of design and artworks to firms engaged in printing and publishing. This includes designing books, magazine covers, stamps, greeting cards and brochures, the process may take the traditional for modern techniques.  
Dieting & Weight Control Services خدمات الحمية الغذائية و السيطرة على الوزن Medical Clinic Includes firms specialized in diet systems and weight loss or control programs. This process involves consultations advice, support and regular follow-up to ensure the customer is sticking to his lifestyle changes, in addition to offering low calorie package meals and menu planning as well as providing related audio-visual tapes Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Distribution of Advertising Materials & Samples توزيع المواد الاعلانية والعينات Advertising Includes distributing promotional materials such as pamphlets, catalogs, posters and gifts, besides distributing samples of the products which a company produces and is bidding to promote.  
Documents Clearing Services خدمات متابعة المعاملات Management, information and marketing Includes firms which undertake submitting commercial and personal documents belonged to others to government and non-government bodies and follow up until finalization.  
Documents Copying Services خدمات نسخ الوثائق والمستندات Typing and translation Includes firms which carry out the copying of documents, whether printed, audio or video taped, photographed, microfilmed or otherwise. These firms may use their own facilities or those of other firms.  
Documents Transport نقل الوثائق والمستندات Postal services Includes Delivering documents having personal messages nature like contracts, tenders, cassettes and compact discs, in addition to the courier services, private firms can obtain licenses from the General Postal Authority to perform such services.

Emirates Post Group (Empost)

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Dried Vegetables & Fruit Trading تجارة الخضار والفواكه المجففة Foodstuff trading Includes reselling vegetables and fruit dried through sun, or through dryers or dehydrators, such as figs, pineapple, peaches, and apricots.  
Dry Cleaning Services خدمات تنظيف بالبخار Laundry Includes shops which offer clothes washing, cleaning and ironing services by using steam powered machines. Included also are dry-cleaning services. These laundries also undertake washing and cleaning bedsheets, curtains, blankets, carpets etc.  
Educational Aids Trading تجارة الوسائل والنماذج التعليمية Stationary and books trading Includes reselling drawings, specimens, maps, samples, as well motion pictures and T.V. documentaries and slides usually used as educational and demonstratives.  
Electronic Precision Instruments Trading تجارة الاجهزة الالكترونية الدقيقة Equipment trading Includes selling electronic devices to observe different phenomena indiscernible by ordinary senses, such as sound waves and vibrations detectors, minute objects observers and measuring instruments. Laboratory and medical equipment are not included herein.  
Electronic Cigarettes & Accessories Trading تجارة السجائر الالكترونية ولوازمها Tobacco and smoking accessories trading Includes reselling electronic cigarettes which are electronic devices that work by heating a liquid called e-juice which generates vapor that is inhaled by the user, the e-juice may or not contain nicotine, e-cigarette is intended to simulate the experience of smoking cigarettes and narghiles and may help users to quit smoking.  
Electronic Games Arcade صالة للألعاب الالكترونية Recreation halls Includes operating halls where people get together for playing electronic and video games.  
Food Supplements Trading تجارة المكملات الغذائية Perfumery Includes reselling the foods and supplements which are not classified as drugs and are intended to provide nutrients, such as foods for people suffering from certain diseases, also, foods prepared from natural substances in such a way that they do not contain any artificial materials, flavors, or colors that are usually added to canned or preserved food, it involves vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, or amino acids, honey and herbal tonics, nourishing substitutes for athletes and diet recipes..  
Fabrics, textiles & readymade garments screen printing طباعة المنسوجات و الملابس الجاهزة printing and publishing services Includes silk-screen printing on textiles and wearing apparel by transferring a multicolored image or design image from a screen to textile articles through lithographic, gravure, screen or flexographic printing.  
Fashion Designing تصميم الازياء والملابس Tailoring and design Includes shops which design fashions and clothes for men, women and children, including uniform suits for the official bodies' personnel.  
Fine Arts Training التدريب في مجال الفنون الجميلة Institutes and Education Includes institutions primarily engaged in offering instruction in performing arts, involving theatrical representation, music, singing, speech, simulation, dance, also, arts and handicraft training, such as drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, floral arts, glass crafts, embossing, fine arts printing, pottery, etc.  KHDA
Film Developing معالجة أفلام التصوير  Print & Media Includes laboratories specialized in processing photographic films and personal motion pictures (Commercial activities listed under class 9211) – along with developing and printing this activity also includes enlarging the pictures.  
Flowers & ornamental Plants Trading تجارة الزهور ونباتات الزينة Flowers and plants Includes reselling various types of raw flowers and ornamental plants.  
Folklore Dances Performance تقديم عرض الفنون الشعبية Event organisers Includes firms which provide performances of traditional folklore dances for private or public functions for a fee or without cost to the customer.  
Food & Beverages Trading تجارة المواد الغذائية والمشروبات Foodstuff trading Includes reselling of canned, preserved and frozen foodstuff, or any of the items mentioned in this class.  
Fine Arts Consultancies استشارات الفنون الجميلة Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing Includes firms which provide consultancy and advisory services on the investment, collection, storing and restoration of original art works, as well as services related to the coordination and curating of fine arts exhibitions, festivals and events, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in fine arts, along with three years hands-on experience.  
Full Service Postal Agency وكالة بريدية كاملة الخدمة Postal services Includes firms appointed by the General Postal Authority as full service agencies to carry on full postal services, which cover mail receipt and delivery, stamps and publications sale, registration services, parcels, mumtaz post and Empost services.  

Emirates Post Group (Empost)
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

General Clinic عيادة الطب العام Medical Clinic A licensed health facility where one general practitioner or more is/are permanently available. It is specialized in examining patients, prescribing proper medicines and referring cases to specialists if necessary.  Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Gents Cosmetic & Personal Care مركز تجميل وعناية شخصية رجالي Salon Includes firms licensed to provide cosmetic care services for gents, including skin cleansing, skin hair removal, muscles treatment by special ingredients or exercises, also using ingredients to support hair strength.  
Gents Haircutting & Hairdressing Salon الحلاقة وقص الشعر للرجال Salon Includes Gent's salons engaged in one or more of the following: cutting, trimming, shampooing, coloring, waving or styling hair and providing facials.  
Gents Spa Club نادي صحي رجالي Salon Includes clubs specialized in a wide variety of water therapy and relaxing activities for men, such as steam bath, Jacuzzi, sauna.  
Gents Tailoring خياطة البدل والملابس الرجالية Tailoring and design Description Includes shops engaged in tailoring men's and boys' suits, shirts and pyjamas, also, men formal uniforms such as military and school clothing as well as work wear for staff and workers in the public and private sector.  
Gents Wears Tailoring & Embroidery Workshop مشغل خياطة وتطريز رجالي Tailoring and design Includes shops comprising numerous sewing machines and tailors for sewing men and boy apparel, as well as men formal uniforms such as military and school clothing as well as work wear for staff and workers in the public and private sector  
Gift Trading تجارة الهدايا Trading Includes reselling pen sets, lighters, purses, key holders, exquisite gift boxes, golden buttons, make-up sets, tiny antiques and handicraft souvenir and other miscellaneous items used for personal use or presenting as gifts.  
Gift Wrapping Service خدمات تغليف الهدايا Packing services Includes gift preparing services. The process involves wrapping, fixing, bands, flowers, artificial buttons, designing and typing greetings cards, as well as home or office delivery.  
Gifts & Jewellery Box Making شغل علب الهدايا و المجوهرات Handicraft workshops Includes the decorated boxes made of different materials and usedin keeping jewellery and presenting gifts.  
Gifts Trading تجارة الهدايا Ready made garments group Includes reselling pen sets, lighters, purses, key holders, exquisite gift boxes, golden buttons, make-up sets, tiny antiques and handicraft souvenir and other miscellaneous items used for personal use or presenting as gifts.  
Glass & Plastic Engraving  الحفر على الزجاج والبلاستيك Handicraft workshops  Includes incising a design on glass and plastic by cutting grooves on it whether by hand or laser.   
Government Transactions Center مركز إنجاز المعاملات الحكومية Typing and translation Includes centers which sign agreements with government departments to finalize and clear, on behalf of them, the transactions of the public and the businesses, the center also comprises the supportive entities such as banks’ counters, the typing services as well as cafeterias, this activity doesn’t involve conducting the medical fitness examination, or typing or clearing the documents of the medical examination.  
Grocery Store بقالة other trading activities Includes commercial firms whose activities are based on the marketing of certain consumer products and goods , such as fresh, preserved and canned foodstuff, household utensils, and detergents.  
Handbags & Leather Products Trading تجارة حقائب اليد والمنتجات الجلدية Ready made garments group Includes reselling of handbags made out of leather, fiber, textile or plastic, also, leather purses, belts, leather, and office requisites, leather clothes are excluded.  
Hair Fixing Center مركز تركيب الشعر المستعار Ladies salon Includes firms involved in fixing human hair for ladies to avoid damaging their natural hair due to continuous hair styling process, as for men hair is replaced in the balding or thinning areas of the head. Approval of Dubai Municipality (Health Safety department) is required after obtaining the Commercial License.
Health Food Trading تجارة الاغذية الصحية Foodstuff trading Includes reselling foodstuff prepared for people suffering from certain diseases, involving foods manufactured from natural substances in such a way that they do not contain any artificial materials, flavors, nor colors that are usually added to canned or preserved food, also, nourishing substitutes for athletes and diet recipes such as vitamins and drinks.  
Heavy Duty Equipment & Machinery Repairing & Maintenance اصلاح المكائن والمعدات الثقيلة وصيانتها Repairing of equipments Includes firms repair machinery and equipment, lifts, escalators, boilers, central kitchens, automatic washing equipment, electric generators, water pumps, also, operation and regular maintenance.  
Home Furniture Trading تجارة الأثاث المنزلي Furniture's trading Includes reselling household beds, bedroom sets, wardrobes, sofas and chairs, tables and requisites, mirrors, hangers, also, furniture for hotels and restaurants totally or partially made of wood, plastic, glass, metal, fiberglass or others.  
Ice Cream Shop بيع المثلجات Restaurants and coffee shops Includes shops which prepare and sell ice cream to the public for immediate consumption  
Ice Cream Trading تجارة المثلجات Foodstuff trading Includes reselling made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors.  
Illustrated Magazines & Catalogues Trading تجارة المجلات والمصورات المتخصصة Stationary and books trading Includes reselling of magazines, directories, catalogues and other specialized publications used for promoting fashions, furniture, interior designs, household items and others.  
Imitation Jewellery Trading تجارة الحلي من غير المعادن الثمينة Readymade garments group Includes reselling costume or imitation jewellery, such as brooches, earnings, necklaces, bracelets, rings made from base metals plated with precious metals, or jewellery containing imitation stones such as imitation gems stones, imitation diamonds.  
Instant Tea Preparation تجهيز الشاي السريع التحضير Food Industries Includes preparing, mixing and packaging of instant tea, tea creamers and mixes there off in well-sealed packs, bags or jars  
Invitation & Greeting Cards Trading تجارة بطاقات التهنئة والدعوة Stationary and books trading Includes reselling the cards exchanged by individuals on special occasions to feature an expression of friendship or other sentiments or to convey thanks, it involves invitation cards for different occasions and events  
Jewellery Repairing اصلاح المجوهرات و المصوغات و الحلي Goldsmith & gold repairing Includes repairing adornment jewellery such as brooches, earnings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, which are made of gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, silver and gemstones.  
Jewellery Trading تجارة المجوهرات والمصوغات من الذهب والفضة Jewellery trading Includes reselling adornment Jewellery such as brooches, earnings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, which are made of gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, silver and gemstones.  
Juice & Soft Drinks Shop بيع العصير Restaurants and coffee shops Includes shops that provide fruits juices for immediate consumption.  
Key Duplicators  نسخ المفاتيح  Key duplicators & stamp making Includes firms specialized in duplicating and handling the keys and locks for residential and commercial facilities, as well as car keys, keys for heavy duty locks.  
Ladies Cosmetic & Personal Care مركز تجميل وعناية شخصية (نسائي) Salon Includes firms licensed to provide cosmetic care services for ladies, including makeup, skin cleansing, skin hair removal, muscles treatment by special ingredients or exercises, also using ingredients to support hair strength, as well as nails treatment, service providers must be females  
Ladies Gown's tailoring خياطة العباءات النسائية وتطريزها Tailoring and design Includes the tailoring, sewing, embroidering and stitching of ladies' gowns, such as long Arab traditional dresses "Jalabya" and shawls. This also includes cutting, sewing and embroidering of ladies' head and face veils and covers  
Ladies Haircutting & Hair Dressing قص وتصفيف الشعر للسيدات Salon Includes ladies salons involved in beautification and hair care, including, hair washing, trimming, setting, dyeing, waving, straightening, as well as the makeup, henna, manicure, pedicure.  
Ladies Oriental Bath حمام شرقي للنساء Salon Includes providing ladies with sauna type rooms heated by a continuous flow of hot air which allow the bather to perspire freely, and then follow with a full body wash to enable bodies go relaxed and clean.  
Ladies Physical Fitness Club نادي لياقة بدنية للنساء Sport club Includes firms which offer sport exercises training for securing fitness and losing weight  
Ladies Spa Club نادي صحي نسائي Ladies Salon Includes clubs specialised in a wide variety of water therapy and relaxing activities such as steam bath, Jacuzzi, sauna,..etc.  
Ladies Tailoring خياطة الملابس النسائية Tailoring and design Includes shops engaged in tailoring women and girls dresses, skirts, blouses, party dresses, wedding dresses, nightdresses, women formal uniforms such as military and school clothing as well as work wear for staff and workwomen in the public and private sector.  
Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment Trading تجارة معدات تنظيف الملابس Mechanical & engineering equipment trading Includes reselling laundry machinery and equipment for cleaning and ironing clothes, textiles, linen, curtains, carpets and others, whether by steam or dry cleaning.  
Laundry Services غسل الملابس والمفارش Laundry Includes automatic and manual laundries which undertake washing clothes, curtains, bedsheets, small carpets etc.  
Leather & Similar Products Repairing  اصلاح المنتجات الجلدية ومايماثلها  Personal requisites repairing Includes repairing leather goods other than footwear, such as hand bags, wallets, and belts, wearing apparel, whether made of natural or synthetic leather.  
Legal Translation الترجمة القانونية Translation group Includes specialized offices engaged in providing written translation to documents and texts with contents of general nature or to texts of specific and professional nature, like commercial contracts, legal, commercial, technical and scientific texts. It also includes instant and simultaneous translations provided by specialized translators in meetings, seminars or conferences.  
Letters & Post Items Delivery نقل بعائث بريد الرسائل Postal services Includes delivering surface and registered mail, usually letters, postcards, publications, small packs and publication pouches weighing 1 kg at most.  

Emirates Post Group (Empost)
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Locks Repairing اصلاح الاقفال والكوالين  Personal requisites repairing Includes repairing the mechanical or electronic fastening device which are released by a physical object, such as key, keycard, fingerprint, security token.  
Meditation centre مركز للاسترخاء والتأمل Medical Clinic IA health facility specialized in using natural methods in the treatment such as healthy nutrition, fasting, hydrotherapy, and natural health habits, e.g, simple exercises, relaxation contemplation, optimism and herbal medicines.  Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Medical Spa (MedSpa) Center منتجع طبي Hospitals & Recovery houses A centre supplies a variety of treatments with the aim of providing relaxation, rejuvenation, preventive healthcare, detoxification, fitness and general wellbeing including medical services; diagnostic methodology in this facility is western-centered while prescribed treatment consists of combined modalities. The focus of the services ranges from skincare to weight management to face and body enhancement. Non-invasive beauty services and Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) services may be available. Services are performed by aestheticians, physiotherapists, and cosmetologists supervised by a specialist physician. DHA
Musical Band فرقة موسيقية Event Organizers Includes musical groups or ensembles which perform for private or public functions. Not Applicable
Musical Instruments & Requisites Trading تجارة الآلات والأدوات الموسيقية ولوازمها Electronics Group Includes reselling electronic and normal musical instruments like stringed, wind, percussion instruments, pipes, accordions, organs, including also the parts and accessories.  
Men physical fitness club نادي لياقة بدنية للرجال Sport club Includes firms which offer sport exercises training for securing fitness and losing weight  
Metal Products Engraving الحفر على المنتجات المعدنية Handicraft workshops Includes incising a design on metal by cutting grooves on it whether by hand or laser, in order to embellish advertising medals, jewelry and watches, making stamps, trademarks and tags  
Mini Store متجر استهلاكي other trading activities Includes mini stores linked to public utilities, hotels, petrol stations, airports and others, they provide refreshments, gifts, magazines and newspapers and some personal goods and requisites.  
Mobile Phone Repair  اصلاح الهواتف المتحركة Repairing of electrical & electronic appliances  Includes firms engaged in cellular mobile phones maintenance and repair, including reconditioning, screen replacement, antenna, phone housing, water damaged phones and damaged parts change.   
Mobile Phones Trading تجارة الهواتف المتحركة Other Trading Activities Includes reselling cellular phones which make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area beside telephony they support a wide variety of services such as text messaging, email, internet access, gaming and photography, it involves selling different accessories such as memory card, car chargers, batteries, leather cases, screen protectors, Bluetooth headset, data cables, silicone skins, holders...etc  
Novelties Trading تجارة التحف الفنية Ready made garments group Includes reselling of paintings, historical photographs, statues, antiquity utensils, as well as other art works made of silver, copper, wood, ivory, crystal, glass or others.  
Nursery دار حضانة Nursery Includes firms specialized in receiving and caring for children while their parents are absent. Ministry of Education
Nuts Trading تجارة المكسرات Foodstuff trading Includes reselling of all kinds of nuts, such as pistachio, almond, and peanuts, whether raw or after peeling, processing, roasting, salting or packing in well-sealed packs for consumption.  
Office Furniture Trading تجارة الاثاث المكتبي Furniture's trading Includes reselling of office desks, chairs, tables, cabinets and others, trading of office equipment and shops fittings.  
Oriental Carpets Trading تجارة السجاد الشرقي Furniture trading Includes reselling manually woven oriental carpet.  
Paintings & Frames Trading تجارة البراويز والصور واللوحات الفنية Ready made garments group Includes reselling paintings made by renowned artists or others.  
Para Pharmaceutical Products Trading تجارة المستحضرات الصيدلانية غير الدوائية Medicines trading Includes reselling para-pharmaceutical products not directly used for medication or treatment, including plasters, after-shave lotions, creams, anti-smoking products, tooth pastes, mouth wash and others sterilization products. Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Parcels Delivery نقل الطرود Postal services Includes delivering well-wrapped parcels in specific weights and dimensions of 1.5 meters at most, as well as providing courier services.  

Emirates Post Group (Empost)
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Pastry Trading تجارة المعجنات والحلويات الشرقية Foodstuff trading Includes reselling pastries in deferent fillings and ready for consumption..  
Pearls & Precious Stones Trading تجارة اللؤلؤ والاحجار الكريمة Jewellery trading Includes reselling of natural, cultured and artificial pre-formed pearl, as well as diamond, corundum, emerald, coral and other jewellery and precious stones prior to cutting, polishing and making various types of jewels, artificial precious stones are also included.  
Performing Arts & Music Festivals تنفيذ مهرجانات الفنون الأدائية والموسيقى Event Organizers Includes establishments which organize and coordinate signature festivals or events the purpose of promoting music, performing arts, musicians and performing artists. Not Applicable
Perfumes & Cosmetics Trading تجارة العطور ومستحضرات التجميل Ready made garments group Includes reselling different types of concentrated or light perfumes whether manufactured synthetically or extracted from plant or animal sources, also cosmetics, such as body creams and lotions as well as various types of eye make-ups and facial cosmetics  
Pharmacy صيدلية Other trading activities A specialized facility licensed to sell and prepare registered drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical prescription, according to the laws and regulations issued by competent authority of UAE. It is supervised by a licensed pharmacist who works permanently in the pharmacy.  
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre مركز طب طبيعي و تأهيل Medical Clinic A licensed health facility where a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation is permanently available. It’s specialized in rehabilitating patients through simulation of natural body functions after conducing all necessary medical tests to verify reasons of therapy, upon instructions by the treating doctor Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Physiotherapy Centre مركز علاج طبيعي Medical Clinic A health facility licensed to provide rehabilitation services through stimulating body movement and improving abilities to perform body functions. This includes manual- motor therapy, therapeutic exercises, physio electric- mechanical devices, supportive tools and electric diagnosis methods applied by licensed physiotherapist. Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Plastic Cards Printing طباعة البطاقات البلاستيكية Printing and publishing Services Includes printing the electronically programmed plastic cards such as membership cards, magnetic key cards , ATM cards, credit cards, smart cards, phone cards, finger print identification cards, it involves using different printing processes and techniques such as letterpress, photogravure, offset lithography printing, engraving and intaglio.  
Poly Clinic - Medical Clinic A health facility licensed where there is more than one doctor licensed permanently in different specialties under central management. It is specialized in examining patients and prescribing therapy on an outpatient basis. Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Promotional Gifts Preparing تجهيز الهدايا الاعلانية Advertising Includes firms which engrave and print names or drawings or stick photos and trademarks on promotional gifts, such as pens, watches, stationery etc.  
Publishing of Books & Other Publications Services نشر الكتب ومنشورات أخرى الخدمات Printing and publishing services Includes firms involved in publishing books as well as literature and scientific references, school books, atlases, geographical maps, presentational brochures and other publications mentioned in details in this division, whether the process involves printing or not, or whether the firm owns its own printing press which can carry out the publishing, or the activity of such a firm is limited to the provision of publishing facilities and the conclusion of contractual agreements with printing house.  
Readymade Garments Trading تجارة الملابس الجاهزة Ready-made garments group Includes reselling outerwear and underwear for men, women and children such as coats, suits, jackets, skirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, coats, gloves, swimming wear, socks.  
Recreational Playground ساحة لألعاب التسلية والترفيه Recreation halls Includes facilities for recreation and enjoyment and furnished with recreational equipment such as inflatable items, electric cars, swings, climbers, water parks, electronic games, boats, airplanes, it also accommodates various entertainment and hobbies activities, such as drawing, music, dance, reading, karaoke etc.  
Restaurant مطعم Restaurants and coffee shops Includes restaurants equipped with the suitable installations to prepare and serve food and snacks inside, as well as various beverages for immediate consumption by the public.  
Restaurant & Bar مطعم وبار Restaurants and Coffee Shops Includes restaurants equipped with the suitable installations to prepare and serve food and snacks inside, as well as drinking places such as Bars primarily engaged in preparing and serving beverages for immediate consumption.  
Restaurant & mini store مطعم و متجر استهلاكي Restaurants and coffee shops Includes restaurants equipped with the suitable installations to prepare and serve food and snacks inside, such firms are allowed also to sell some consumer goods such as fresh, preserved and canned foodstuff, beverages, dairy and bakery products as well as newspapers and magazines, the sale of such goods should not predominate the role of the restaurant.  
Roastery محمصة Roastery Includes small shops engaged in roasting nuts, coffee beans, spices, cereals or others, and make the packing in small consumer packs, as well as carry out roasting for others, also, reselling gifts, novelties, artificial flowers and some foodstuff items  
Sandwich Shop بيع الشطائر Restaurants and coffee shops Includes shops that provide sandwiches, juices, and beverages for immediate consumption  
Sculpture & Beautification Elements Works For Private Shows عمل المنحوتات والمشغولات التجميلية للعروض الخاصة Art Includes producing sculpture works like statues, shapes, decoration pieces, made out of disposable materials such as polystyrene, paper, Ice, sweets and used decoratives in hotels and restaurants parties and feasts or to put in shop display windows.  
Selling Commodities By Automatic Vending Machines بيع السلع بواسطة معدات البيع الآلي outlet group Includes vending machines located in public places for selling beverages and snacks, newspapers and publications, DVD's, cigarettes, photo booths...etc.  
Shoe Making شغل الاحذية والنعال Handicraft workshops Includes small workshops that manufacture various types of shoes by cutting and fitting to design and produce special types as per customer requirements.  
Shoe Polishing مسح الاحذية outlet group Includes firms engaged in shoe polishing  
Shoe Repairing اصلاح الاحذية Personal requisites repairing Includes manual and mechanical repairing of different gents, ladies and children footwear  
Shoe Trading تجارة الاحذية Readymade garments group Includes reselling footwear made from leather, rubber or plastic and intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing various activities..  
Smoking Requisites Trading تجارة لوازم التدخين Tobacco and smoking accessories trading Includes reselling of smoking pipes, pipe holders, narghile (water pipe), lighters, ash trays, match boxes, tobacco boxes and other smokers requisites  
Snack Food Trading تجارة الاغذية الخفيفة Foodstuff trading Includes reselling snacks packed in bags or well-sealed packs, such as potato chips or cheese balls...etc.  
Soap & Hair Care Products Trading تجارة الصابون و مستحضرات العناية بالشعر Medicines trading Includes trading in hair care products like shampoo, oils, lotions, tonics, whether chemically originated or being natural extracts (herbs). Also included is trading in toilet and hand washing soap in bars and liquid, in addition toilet foamy soap and similar products. Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Social Club نادي اجتماعي other professional activities Includes social clubs with membership, which offer cultural and entertainment activities such as lectures and film show or carry out social activities like holding ceremonies that mark various occasions, such services are offered against fixed charges or subscription, such clubs are not allowed to organize summer activities or camps.  
Spectacles & Contact Lenses Trading تجارة النظارات الطبية والعدسات اللاصقة Medical eye glasses trading & eyes testing services Includes reselling spectacles and accessories, frames and multi-focal lenses, as well as contact lenses and eyewashes, sterilizers and optical and eye treatment devices. Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Sports & Recreational Club نادي رياضي ترفيهي Sport Club Includes clubs which have facilities to practice a number of sports and entertainment activities such as rowing, sailing, driving powerboats, ground tennis, driving sport cars, polo, swimming etc. These facilities are restricted to members against periodical subscriptions or fixed fees.  
Sports Wear Trading تجارة الملابس الرياضية Equipment trading Includes reselling sportswear for exercising sports, including socks, shoes, hats, gloves, balls, bags and training.  
Sport Equipment & Articles Trading تجارة المعدات والادوات الرياضية Equipment trading Includes reselling sports and fitness fixed equipment, including cycling bikes treadmills, ping-pong tables, other sports accessories, nets, spears, beech canes and games results calculators, also, equipment for exercising sailing, boat races, skiing, horse and camel races and any accessories used by sportsmen.  
Stamp & Seal Making  نسخ المفاتيح واعداد الاختام Key duplicators & stamp making Includes making rubber, wood, steel stamps which are used primarily to authenticate documents and products.  
Stationery , Drawing & Writing Instruments Trading تجارة الادوات المكتبية وادوات الكتابة والرسم Stationary and books trading Includes reselling stationery, such as copying and writing paper, notebooks, record books, various types of pens and pencils, rulers, sharpeners, paper perforators, paper clipping requisites, ready stamps, typewriters ribbons and other stationery materials, also, drawing requisites including geometrical drawing pencils, decorative pens, rulers, triangular rulers, colors, color pencils, ink, drawing paper and others.  
Sub- Postal Agency وكالة بريدية جزئية Postal services Includes selling postal stamps and publications by private firms according to contractual bases with the General Postal authority Agency Emirates Post Group (Empost)
Suitcases & travel requisites trading تجارة المنتجات الشخصية و المنزلية التي لم تصنف في مكان آخر Readymade garments group Includes reselling of various traveling leather, metal, plastic or textile and fabrics suitcases and bags, as well as luggage wrapping and transporting and any other item used only for travelling  
Sunglasses trading تجارة النظارات الشمسية Medical eye glasses trading & eyes testing services Includes reselling darken lenses glasses used to prevent sunlight and high energy lights from damaging or discomforting the eyes Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Supermarket مجمع استهلاكي (سوبرماركت) Supermarket Includes commercial complexes involved in marketing consumer fresh, preserved and canned foodstuff, household utensils and tools, detergents and other consumer goods for personal use.  
Tea Blending & Packaging خلط الشاي وتعبئته Foodstuffs mills and Packaging Includes blending different types of tea to produce specially flavored brands and then pack for final consumption.  
Technical & Occupational Skills Training التدريب على المهارات المهنية التقنية Institutes and education Includes institutions primarily engaged in offering technical training in a variety of job-specific subjects and trades, the training often leads to job-specific certification, the areas of training include media production, hospitality and tourism, food safety and hygiene, agriculture, home economics and cooking, fashion design, cosmetic and hair care, healthcare, architecture, mechanics and built environment, construction including the installation of drywall for moistures resistance KHDA
Tea Trading تجارة الشاي Floor mills / Roastry Includes reselling tea, whether in bulk or consumer packs  
Traditional Handicraft Works شغل التحف والادوات والاواني التقليدية والتراثية Handicraft workshops Includes making a wide variety of types of traditional and local useful and decorative objects made completely by hand or by using simple tools, and using different material such as wood, metal, clay, bone, glass, stone, textiles, leather or plants.  
Telemedicine Counseling Center مركز إستشارات طبية عن بعد  Medical Clinic A centre specialised in using different communication means to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and learning services for individuals residing in places far from specialised medical centese. It includes direct contact with specialists around the world for consultation, diagnosis and therapy without providing any therapeutic services. Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Telephones & Telecommunications Equipment Trading تجارة الهواتف واجهزة الاتصال السلكي Equipment trading Includes reselling telephone sets and intercommunication equipment (intercom) and other telecommunication devices including fax and telex machines and internal switch boards.  
Textile Trading تجارة المنسوجات والاقمشة Readymade garments group Includes reselling of textiles and fabrics used for sewing and fashion wear or making readymade garments.  
Tobacco & Cigarettes Trading تجارة التبغ المعالج والسجائر Tobacco and smoking accessories trading Includes reselling of processed and prepared tobacco for smoking, as well as cigarettes, cigars, snuff, minced and manufactured tobacco...etc.  
Tobacco Trading تجارة التبغ Tobacco and smoking accessories trading Includes reselling crude or dried tobacco leaves before making any other converting process  
Tour and Travel Agency وكيل سفر وسياحة Tourism Includes firms acting as agents in selling travel, tour and accommodation services to the general public and commercial clients, arranging and assembling tours, providing guide services such as archeological, museum, tourist, hunting or finishing and providing reservation services (e.g., accommodations, entertainment events and travel).  
Tourism and Recreation Consultants الاستشارات السياحية والترفيهية Consultancy management, information and marketing Includes specialized firms engaged in preparing marketing and feasibility studies along with the required surveys and field questionnaires, involving identifying opportunities for new tourist facilities and services, business plans and project evaluations programs, project management.  
Tourism Guidance Services خدمات الأرشاد السياحي Tourism Activities Includes firms providing tourist guiding services by arranging guided visits to tourist destinations in Dubai or all over U.A.E., or to supply other tourist firms with tour guides on demand. These guides are licensed by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing provided that they hold the right tourist qualifications.  
Travel agent وكيل سفر و سياحة Tourism Activities Includes selling air tickets to individuals on behalf of the authorized agents. The role of these offices is restricted to seats reservation, issuing tickets in co-ordination with the agent as well as carry out hotel booking, car rental related servicesl.  
Trees Seedings, ornamental plants & annual flowers trading تجارة شتلات الأشجار و النباتات Agricaltural Includes firms that resell plant palm, fruits and shade trees, seedlings like odorous plants, ornament plants, flowers, bulbs.  
Typing & Photocopying Services خدمات الطبع والنسخ Typing and translation Includes firms undertake typing and photocopying documents to be submitted to governmental and non- governmental bodies.  
Used Jewellery trading تجارة الحلي و المصوغات المستعملة other trading activities Includes reselling second-hand adornment jewellery such as brooches, earnings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, which are made of gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, silver and gemstones.  
Valet Parking Services خدمات استيقاف وصف السيارات Separate professional activities Includes providing hotel and restaurants or other firms with employees to perform car parking services, in private or public parking lots, to the customers of said places.  
Ventilators & Fans Trading تجارة اجهزة التهوية Elecricals trading Includes reselling units used in ventilating residential facilities and offices like electric fans and ventilators as well as ducts, towers, ventilation flues, chimneys and silencers.  
Vegetables & Fruit Trading تجارة الخضار والفواكه Foodstuff trading Includes reselling fresh vegetables and fruits prior to any drying or canning processes.  
Watches & Clocks & Spare Parts Trading تجارة الساعات وقطع غيارها Readymade garments group Includes reselling watches, clocks, alarm clocks and timing mechanisms, instrument panel clocks, time-recording equipment and equipment for measuring, recording and displaying intervals of time such as parking meters, time clocks, process timers, also, all the accessories and components..  
Watches & Clocks Repairing اصلاح الساعات Repairing of electrical & electronic appliances Includes repairing and maintaining watches, clocks, alarm clocks and timing mechanisms, instrument panel clocks, time-recording equipment and equipment for measuring, recording and displaying intervals of time such as parking meters, time clocks