Government Services

The DIFC Government Services Office is a single window service provider for businesses and residents in DIFC. The services provided include employment and residency permits, and other government services provided to DIFC clients. The office caters to different visas and employment types, including employment visa, visit visa, dependent visa, long term visa and non-DIFC sponsored employment services.

Access services through the client portal system.

Government Services Office working hours are: Monday to Friday 08:00am - 03:00pm

Employment Allocation

As part of our commitment to strengthening our partnerships with our valued clients, we have reviewed the space allocation for employees mentioned in the Personal Sponsorship Agreement according to best practice and the highest standards of governance and transparency.


Business Activity Employment Allocation
Business Centers 1 visa /desk

3 per kiosk

Fine dining and casual dining 60 sq. ft./person
Hotel 200 sq. ft./person
Others 80 sq. ft./person


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Government Services Client Handbook & Price List

  • Government Services Client Handbook and Fees – Employee Services
  • Government Services Client Handbook and Fees – Dependent Services
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