Photoshoot Request

All photography or videography within the Dubai International Financial Centre requires prior approval in order to obtain the necessary security permits when shooting.


Individuals and companies looking to take photos within the district may submit their application using the form below. For commercial requests where production is involved such as advertisements or films, please apply through the Dubai Film and TV Commission Portal  first. Upon receiving your DFTC permit, submit your request on our website.


All requests are subject to the DIFC Photoshoot Terms and Conditions


All applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The form must be duly completed as any incomplete details will delay the approval process. Please allow a minimum of 1 working day for the DIFC to respond to your request. Any request that comes after GST 3 pm, will be addressed in the next following day. Once approved, please present a copy of the approved form along with a valid ID at The Gate Building, West Wing Reception for the permit.

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