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Non-Retail Activities Guide

Activity DescriptionClassificationDescriptionAdditional Government Entity Approval Required
Accounting & BookkeepingAccountsIncludes the offices specialized in setting and designing accounting systems for companies and firms, designing accounting documents, records and books, setting documentary cycles or other accounting processes. These offices offer services against fixed fees, but may not examine or audit accounts.
Administrative Management ServicesFacility ManagementIncludes establishments primarily engaged in providing operating advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations on administrative management issues, such as financial planning and budgeting, equity and asset management, records management, office planning, strategic and organizational planning, site selection, new business startup, and business process improvement. This industry also includes establishments of general management consultants that provide a full range of administrative; human resource; marketing; process, physical distribution, and logistics; or other management consulting services to clients.
Advertisement Designing & ProducingAdvertisingIncludes firms which design commercials and produce the same on audio or videotapes, paintings and photographs for newspapers and magazines, or wall posters.
Architectural Design ConsultancyConsulting - B- EngineeringIncludes firms engaged in providing consultancies and services related to architectural engineering, including preparing preliminary and final engineering and technical studies for construction projects as well as interior design and landscaping, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in architectural engineering, along with three years hands-on experience.
Auditing of AccountsAccountsIncludes offices specialized in practicing accounting services and qualified to audit accounts of companies and firms and make comprehensive examination and auditing of all kinds of accounts, records and accounting books of an establishment, the outcome of its business, reports on its financial position.
Authorized PurposesNon Profit ActivitiesAs described in Non-Profit Incorporated Organisations Law
Automated Car Parking Systems Installation & MaintenanceContracting and building worksIncludes installing automatic systems capable of parking the cars in the parking garage by a programmed pallet less automatic Robots , it involves receiving the car at the entry module , transfer to a vacant space and to transfer again to the exit module when the car is recalled, such parking garage can be constructed above ground and underground.
Award Rendering ProgrammeEducationIncludes forums, centres or firms specialised in encouraging studies and research and practicing the activities which serve such purpose.Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Banking & Finance TrainingEducationIncludes providing training on planning, directing, organising and controlling financial resources and activities of the financial of institutions and individuals, including Banking services, finance theory, investment analysis, investments and securities, stock-brokering.Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Building Cleaning ServicesBuilding maintenance, surveillance and cleaning servicesIncludes firms which provide interior, exterior and outer areas cleaning to residential buildings and governmental and professional premises, it excludes providing domestic workers who perform as cooks, gardeners, housekeepers, laundress, caring for children and elderly…etc
Building MaintenanceBuilding maintenance, sureillance and cleaning servicesIncludes maintenance of buildings only, excluding any equipment or extensions available inside, such operations include restoration and reparations of roofs, columns, walls, floors and others
Construction Equipment & Machinery RentalMachinery and Equipment RentalIncludes renting building and construction equipment for excavating, filling, demolition, earth leveling, road paving, cement mixing equipment and machinery, as well as cranes, elevators and heavy objects lifts.
Converting Industries Equipment & Machinery RentalMachinery and Equipment RentalIncludes renting and leasing machinery and equipment that are generally used by industries such as engines and turbines, machine tools, mining and oilfield equipment, measuring and controlling equipment.
Claims Settlement ServicesFinance Consultants Includes offices specialized in managing and settling claims arising from transactions involving insurance, such claims arise when said parties become unaware of what legally due to them when the contracts concluded between them are violated, practicing this activity requires in-depth knowledge of rules and regulating laws, no debt collection or tax reclaim are included
CollegeEducationIncludes scientific and educational institutions which operate independently of a university and is engaged in teaching applied and social sciences at university, and postgraduate levels (higher studies), they adopt the recognised regulations and curriculums, they provide the essential elements for the scientific research and studies as well as awarding their students the degrees of their respective levels.Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Commercial Representative Office Representative OfficeIncludes office established by non-financial Person that is outside the DIFC to represent it in the jurisdiction of the DIFC in order to promote its business, products and services or facilitate commercial agreements between such Person and its clients to the extent that its activities are not considered as providing financial products or financial services as prescribed in the General Module of the DFSA Rulebook. This office is not allowed to carry out any trading activity nor enter into commercial transactions and deals by itself.
Communication Engineering ServicesConsultancy -B- EngineeringIncludes providing services and consultancies related to the transmission of voice, data, and video using a wired or wireless telecommunications infrastructure, involving switching and transmission facilities to provide point-to-point communications via landlines, microwave or a combination of landlines and satellite linkups, cable distribution systems, cellular and other wireless telecommunications networks.
Community CollegeEducationIncludes technical colleges which offer technical education services of two years or more after the secondary school certificate, and grant diplomas in the various fieldsKnowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Compliance & Risk ManagementFacility ManagementIncludes firms in assisting clients to analyse, assess, quantify and control risks in order to mitigate regulatory and reputational risk through developing their policies, procedures, systems and controls that would enable them to comply with the relevant rules and regulations applicable to their business.
Computer ConsultanciesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms which provide consultancy to enterprises and companies, prepare studies related to the analysis of users' needs as regards computer hardware and software and provide the best solutions. This also includes the choice of software that corresponds to the company's activities, the choice of operation specifications, the equipment and preparation of computer rooms, the preparation of purchase tender documents and offers, as well as other related services and consultancies
Conferences & Seminars OrganizingExhibition organizersDescription Includes firms which offer conference and symposium organisation and administration services to the government or private bodies. These services include the activities and measures necessary for holding conferences and symposia such as receiving the participants, organising their residences, travel and the venue of the function and providing it with the necessary facilities.
Corporate Services ProviderFacility Management

Includes firms providing assistance in companies’ registration and establishing their businesses on behalf of its founding members, assists companies in their partnerships with foreign companies, assisting foreign and free zone companies in finding local partners and agents, provision of secretarial and other related services, it excludes the provision of any kind of legal services.

Cost Control & Risk Management ServicesFinance consultantsIncludes firms which help others in taking steps to control and ensure that the actual cost of production does not exceed the standard cost set in advance in the planning stage, it involves risk management which implies identifying the risks encounter organisations, then assessing the risks, and finally to take steps and develop strategies to enable avoiding the risk or reduce it's negative effects or transfer to another party.
Customer Care CentreConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes centres founded by foreign and local corporations having several branches and subsidiaries such as hotels, banks, hospitals, to provide services to their customers in respect of hotel reservations, information providing, complaints receiving….etc., this is different from any service provided by public relations or customer services offices operating in a relatively small firm.
Cyber Security ConsultancyConsultancy -D- managementIncludes firms specialised in offering comprehensive professional cybersecurity consultancy to other organisations on how to prepare for, avoid and protect themselves against cyber-attacks and threats, such threats might involve networks, computers, programs and data damage, unauthorised access, evaluating cybersecurity or cyber readiness to comply with regulations and reactive services, including responding to cyber breaches and recovery activities following a cyber incident.
Data Classification & Analysis ServicesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialised in evaluating and analyzing data provided by public and private entities, and arranging these data sets into a single repository to performs structured reviews and various analyses, as well as classifying according to their common characteristics, in order to discover useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making by said entities, with the goal of improving the investment returns and optimally utilise the resources, as well as enhancing the capabilities of such entities as regarding solving present problems and future challenges.
Data Entry ServicesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms which provide data entry services to computer systems and programs, the process involves ordinary data entry and documents scanning for final electronic storing. It involves converting data from one computer language to another. Such services are carried by specialised firms for others against remunerations, firms perform said services for themselves are not listed under this activity
Documents Clearing ServicesTyping and translationIncludes firms which undertake submitting commercial and personal documents belonged to others to government and non-government bodies and follow up until finalisation, these firms are neither allowed to involve in the transactions of the medical fitness examination nor to conduct the services of the centres that process the transactions of the Government.
Extracting & Drilling Equipment & Machinery RentalMachinery and Equipment RentalIncludes renting and leasing equipment for the extraction of minerals occurring naturally, involving extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas as well as the mining and quarrying
Electrical & Electronic Appliances RentalOffice & Electronic Equipment RentalIncludes shops whose activities are based on the rental of electric and electronic appliances, such as stoves, ovens, audio-visual sets and related recording appliances, as well as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances and antennas, besides utensils and household items used for various purposes.
Education & Training Computer SoftwareConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes providing computer systems analysis and software design to the facilities involved in education and training process, it involves analyzing the user's needs and problems and offering consultancy on the best economical solution and the programs necessary for realizing such a solution, also, the software installation, testing and operation
Educational Facilities Management ServicesFacility ManagementIncludes the provision of advice and assistance as well as overseeing and managing educational facilities owned by others.
Educational Technologies Research & DevelopmentApplied studiesIncludes centers or institutes specialized in elaborating studies and experimental and development researches on learning technologies to set guidelines to enhance designing, evaluating and implementing learning techniques to reach the utmost efficiency.
Electrical Fitting ContractingContracting and building worksIncludes the execution of electric wiring and cable laying in buildings and civil constructions, it involves fixing switch gears, feeding points, distribution panels as well as other power transmitting apparatuses and installations, repairs and maintenance works are also included.
Executive SearchConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms engaged in providing executive search for recruitment, and placement services for clients with specific executive and senior management position requirements. The range of services provided by these establishments may include developing a search strategy and position specification based on the culture and needs of the client; researching, identifying, screening, and interviewing candidates; verifying candidate qualifications; and assisting in final offer negotiations and assimilation of the selected candidate. The individuals identified, recruited, or placed are not employees of the executive search services establishments. This firm is not allowed to be involved in the recruitment process which takes place after the selection process.
Electronic Chips programmingConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes programming electronic chips used in computers or in other automatic electronic devices, which are used in industry, vehicles, household electronic appliances and electronic games.
Electronic ManagementConsultancy -D- management, information and marketing
Employment AgencyConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms which help other companies and establishments by searching for qualified personnel to be appointed in specific positions with these companies or establishments, or to perform temporary tasks that have specific nature.
Event ManagementConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms engaged in managing festivals and events, which involves, studying intricacies of the event, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning logistics, coordinating the technical aspects before executing the modalities of the event. The activity applies to a variety of areas, such as corporate events, marketing programs, and award ceremonies
Exempted ActivitiesFacility ManagementAs defined and described in the DIFC Special Purpose Company Regulations.
Exhibition OrganizingExhibition organizersIncludes firms specialized in organizing commercial exhibitions which are held to promote or activate trade at the local or the international levels. It also includes the holding of fairs to boost the local industrial and agricultural products. It moreover includes the holding of other specialized commercial or individual fairs
Facilities Management ConsultancyConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes the provision of advice and assistance as well as overseeing and managing the facilities owned by others as per the prevailing laws and regulations, these firms are neither allowed to provide the manpower to such facilities, nor to engage in the activities of maintenance and cleaning, they are also not permitted to practice labour recruitment and employment brokerage or temporary employment.
Feasibility Studies ConsultanciesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms which prepare technical and economic feasibility studies on the new projects to determine the profitability of these projects over a period of operation, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire
Financial Analysis & Consultancyexchange and financial servicesIncludes firms engaged in providing to the clients or the public recommendations based on studies as well as on economic and financial analysis as regarding feasibility studies, forecasting and predicting current and future values of the commodity prices and contracts, it involves the financial analysis which depends on systematic assessment of the financial statements to evaluate the past, the current and to forecast the future performance of the companies, also, assessing securities and commodities and their contracts, price trends, transactions volumes, in order to enable making decisions.
Five Stars HotelTourism ActivitiesIncludes hotels offering upscale accommodations and superior service, in-room media amenities, full service accommodations offer diverse on-site eateries ranging from fine dining to casual dining and 24-hour room service, guests access to concierge services, an on-site fitness facility and on-site pool, golf and water sports.
Forensic Evidence ConsultantConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specializing in the preparation of forensic evidence and those undertaking consultancy on the accuracy and integrity of forensic evidence after studying and analyzing the reports prepared and submitted by professionals, qualified investigators, laboratories and other individuals & entities assigned to such jobs, in response to requests by courts, lawyers and insurance companies. It includes forensic preparation and review of expert reports, assessment of documents forgery, fire causes, building demolition and damage, chemistry and criminal toxicities, ships and boats sinking, traffic accidents, biological testing and DNA, no laboratory testing involved.
Four Stars HotelTourism ActivitiesIncludes hotels offer a high level of superior services, luxurious facilities and amenities, provide live entertainment and offer formal dining, accommodations come decorated with stylish and modern decor, guests have access to a fitness centre and on-site pool, offering reception spaces.
Foreign Language InstituteEducationIncludes providing training on the structure and composition of foreign languages. It includes the study of related cultures, literature and linguistics, teaching the mother tongue of foreign cultures is uninvolved.Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
General PartnerInvestment FundEstablished for the sole purpose of establishing one or more collective investment funds in the DIFC by way of limited partnership
Holding CompanyFacility ManagementIncludes firms engaged in holding the securities of (or other equity interests in )companies and enterprises for the purpose of owning a controlling interest or influencing the management decisions of these firms. The holding companies in this industry do not administer, oversee and manage other establishments of the company or enterprise whose securities they hold.
Hotel Apartments RentalTourism ActivatesIncludes firms which furnish residential apartments with all requisites and means necessary for residential purposes. Such apartments are leased for relatively long periods in return for monthly or annual rent.
Hotel ConsultantsConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes specialized firms engaged in preparing marketing and feasibility studies along with the required surveys and field questionnaires, in addition to providing technical consultancies in connection with investing in hotels or any hotel-related services whether to the new projects or for enhancing the existing ones
Hotel ManagementTourism ActivitesIncludes the provision of advice and assistance as well as overseeing and managing hotels and tourist resorts owned by others and duly licensed by the competent authorities.
Human Resources ConsultanciesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialized in preparing studies and consultancies concerning manpower planning as well as improving its performance through studying the problems encounter the employee. These problems could be technical, psychological or behavioural. The process involves analyzing the problem and then to seeking the proper solution by means of reports, advising, consulting, designing of professional and administrative programs and to propose the adequate training to overcome the employees' problems to enhance his performance.
Insurance Actuarial ServicesInsurance ConsultantsIncludes firms specialized in mathematics sciences related to probability principle and compound interest as well as other insurance-related mathematical issues. Such firms use mathematical and statistical methods in order to calculate the rates set forth by insurance companies for each of the insurance types. The basic elements for the above-said can be the person's age or the age of the insured thing, as well as the years during which a person is expected to live, and the dangers that may arise. However, these firms cannot provide any insurance advice or arrangements as prescribed in the DFSA Rulebook.
Investment in Real EstateProprietary InvestmentInclude firms engaged in holding and managing their own real estate investment portfolio, using their own funds, or investment or shareholding in enterprises or firms which carry out various real estate activities. However, this activity does not allow the firm to directly create and develop real estate projects or act as a real estate broker, agent or developer. This activity does not permit the collection of fund from third parties to invest in Real Estate activities.
Information Studies & ConsultanciesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes providing services and consultancies pertaining to printing, publishing, issuing newspapers and magazines and TV, cinema and radio production. It also includes conferences, seminars and ceremonies organizing related services, in addition to providing studies and information to establishments engaged in information services, whether these services concern production, education or organization.
Information Technology ConsultantsConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes providing technical services and consultancies with respect to information technology and applications like internet, internet and data warehousing to enhance the administrative and technical performance in different corporations. In addition to offering consultancies, to involve proposing the adequate software and handling the surveys and studies to determine the appropriate technology consistent with the nature of the firm, these firms are not entitled to market or produce any of the software or products related to said technology, the minimal degree required is Bsc. in Computer sciences or Information Technology, along with three years hands-on experience"
Interior DecorationContracting and building worksIncludes interior decoration works, including wooden orients, gypsum decoration of ceilings, flooring and curtains fixing as well as other similar complete works executed by the firm.
Intermediate Holding CompanyIntermediate Special Purpose VehicleIncludes firms holding or investing into assets as an intermediate vehicle for any one of the following: a DIFC Incorporated Fund; any entity holding assets for a foreign fund managed by a regulated DFSA fund manager; a DIFC holding company, proprietary investment company or a Single Family Office.
Internal Communication Network Installation & MaintenanceContracting and building worksIncludes designing internal communication systems and networks installed in large complexes, hotels, hospitals, public institutions, student hostels and others, also, fixing telephone calls reception and answering machines and the maintenance and repair services.
Internet ConsultancyConsultancy -D- management, information and marketing

Includes firms specialised in drawing up the strategies of using internet technology in the commercial entities, as well as impose laying out the techniques of the practical application.

Internet Content ProviderConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialized in providing internet sites with contents and make them available for users.
IT InfrastructureConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialized in laying the technical foundations of the information technology, which comprises the network, the systems and the databases. It also involves firms engaged in preparing the consultative studies along with the installations of the network and the systems, manpower training is also included.
Investment in Agricultural Enterprises & ManagementProprietary InvestmentIncludes firms and holding companies formed in order to invest their own funds or create the necessary investments for the establishment of subsidiary projects, which carry out agricultural activities and other subsidiary activities, such as land reclamation, establishment of agricultural projects, cattle, sheep and chicken farms, as well as the marketing of agricultural crops and investment in fish and sea animal resources. This also includes the management of such subsidiary companies and the organization.
Investment in Commercial Enterprises & ManagementProprietary InvestmentIncludes firms engaged in holding their own investment portfolio and forming, managing, and investing their funds in any business or firms which carry out various commercial activities, such as transport, contracting and financing activities. Besides other investments or shareholdings in commercial enterprises. This also includes the management of such subsidiary companies and the organization of their affairs.
Investment in Educational Enterprises & ManagementProprietary InvestmentIncludes firms and holding companies formed in order to invest their own funds to invest in educational facilities, the projects that aim at enhancing the capabilities of the people with special needs and the children with autism as well as knowledge and human development promoting projects, it also involves the management and organizational activities.
Investment in Healthcare Enterprises & DevelopmentProprietary InvestmentIncludes firms and holding companies formed in order to invest their own funds or secure funds to be invested in setting up healthcare projects or other similar enterprises. this also includes managing and organizing the affairs of such companies.
Investment in Industrial Enterprises & ManagementProprietary InvestmentIncludes firms and holding companies formed in order to invest their own funds in firms which carry out various industrial, extraction or converting activities, or by the investment of their funds through the shareholding in such projects. This also includes the management of such subsidiary companies and the organization of their affairs.
Investment in Oil & Natural Gas ProjectsProprietary InvestmentIncludes holding companies formed in order to invest their funds through establishing subsidiaries to carry out investment in oil and natural gas projects, it involves exercising operational control and managing the operations of their related units.
Investment in Retail Trade Enterprises & ManagementProprietary InvestmentIncludes firms and holding companies that hold the assets of subsidiary corporations which carry out retail trade, it also involves managing such enterprises.
Investment FundInvestment FundAs described in the DFSA Collective Investment Law.
Labor Recruitment Brokerage Office ServicesLabor Supply & employment agencyIncludes recruitment offices specialized in bringing in manpower for companies, establishments and individuals and assuming necessary procedures for having their visas issued.
Law Training ServicesEducationIncludes providing all the services required to train legal employees such as deputies, advocates and clerks. The aim is to promote their knowledge in legal domain through planning training program (training manual), specialized workshops, sessions by training individuals and units to pass law expertise and enlighten on law versions and international treaties and conventions. Concerned firms are not allowed to grant degrees.Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Lawyers & AdvocatesLegal ServicesIncludes firms licensed to assume the defence in the cases filed with courts. They also offer consultancy and draw up legal studies of the lawsuits and the legal questions submitted to them.Legal Affairs Department of Dubai (LAD)
Leasing Property Brokerage AgentsReal EstateIncludes the firms which work as a connection link between landlords and tenants regarding real estates lease located in DIFC against remuneration, their role will end up when said parties reach an agreement.
Legal ConsultantsLegal ServicesIncludes offices and firms which offer consultancies and prepare legal studies of the lawsuits and the legal questions submitted however, they are not entitled to assume the defense before courts in this regard.Legal Affairs Department of Dubai (LAD)
Management ConsultanciesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes providing administrative consultancies and studies to public departments and companies as regarding administrative performance analysis, procedural engineering, laying out flow-charts and related documents circulation, internal policy formulation, organizational restructuring, strategic plans development, innovating work procedures, designing balanced scorecards.
Managing OfficeFacility Management

Includes establishments (except government establishments) primarily engaged in administering, overseeing, and managing other establishments of the company or enterprise. These establishments normally undertake the strategic or organisational planning and decision making role of the company or enterprise. This activity is extended to allow providing services strictly to its group such as, but not limited to (Treasury services, IT Services, Administration services, Intra group, Corporate services and Advisory).

Maritime Security ServicesBuilding maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services Includes firms that provide highly trained anti-piracy personnel to escort vessels cruising in high-risk areas to protect against pirates and ships and crew hijacking.
Marketing ManagementConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes providing marketing management services to other firms, this includes providing planning, executing marketing, promotion and determining prices and sale outlets.
Marketing Research & ConsultanciesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes conducting field surveys and questionnaires to explore the opinion of the consumers, producers on the way the commodity is designed, and come out with results which could assist in the marketing, the pricing and the effective promotional campaign, in order come out with results that assist in marketing and sales boosting.
Network ConsultanciesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes providing comprehensive professional consultancies to IT organizations to help them match their needs with the networking solutions, it involves securing, analyzing and designing network solutions that maintain the security and integrity of their IT assets.
Office Of International OrganizationOffice Of International OrganizationIncludes offices founded by the international organizations or bodies or the affiliated centres and institutions, with a view for steering some of their activities inside the country, or making the same liaison offices to prepare for their activities in the region or to provide the data and information necessary for the practice of their different activities.
On-Demand Labors Supply ServicesLabor Supply & employment agencyIncludes specialized services firms engaged in providing on demand workers for certain periods of time for temporary or urgent nature tasks such as drivers, servants, baby sitter...etc.
Operations & Security Control CenterBuilding maintenance, surveillance and cleaning servicesIncludes firms who establish links with subscribers to receive and monitor their alarm of robbery and offensive breaking in, or medical emergency, such firms can respond directly to the incident or they can notify the concerned authority, also, providing subscribers' locations with camera surveillance, also, monitoring insured vehicles by tracking systems and to notify the concerned authorities if help is needed, in addition to providing control and management to valuables transporting vehicles as well as patrolling services.
Personal Development TrainingEducationIncludes providing training programs that can affect the individuals mental and social capacities through the development of the personal skills, which cover, argumentation and presentation, communication, cooperation, development of behaviour, development of mental skills, Job-seeking programs, public speaking, self-esteem skills, social competence, time management, leadership...etcknowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
PortalConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingOnline services equipped with databases and programmes that are fitted as a service with basic functions of the technology platform. It also could be a junction between a content provider and a user for a broad array of resources and services.
Pumps, Engines and generators RentalMachinery and Equipment RentalIncludes renting and leasing pumps for water and liquids pumping, engines and machines for ships, boats, vehicles, also machinery for industrial operation, the generators which convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy to operate machinery
Private ClubFacility ManagementEstablishments in this industry are primarily engaged in promoting the legitimate interests of their members. These establishments may operate bars and restaurants for their members.
Private Notary Public ServicesLegal ServicesThey are the services provided by court-authorized entities and agencies to practice the General Notary Public works with limited jurisdiction. These services include authentication of documents, contracts and declarations of all types, attestation of signature of those concerned and the verification of their dates.Legal Affairs Department of Dubai (LAD)
Professional and Management Development TrainingEducationIncludes institutions primarily engaged in offering an array of short duration courses for management, professional and personal development, including providing training in areas such as education, social and behavioural development, management, secretarial skills and HR.knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Project Development ConsultantConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialized in providing studies and consultancies on that development of the projects that belonged to the real estate investment companies, including, project elements, draw up strategies of development opportunities, economic feasibility and marketing, revising development requirements and obstacles , supervising execution progress.
Project Management ServicesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialized in managing and guiding project processes from start to finish as regarding planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures in order to achieve all of the project goals, it involves managing budgets, resources and relationships to achieve organizational objectives, planning, developing schedules to ensure timely completion of projects, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in business administration or economics, along with three years hands-on experience.
Property Guard & Surveillance ServicesBuilding maintenance, surveillance and cleaning servicesIncludes firms which offer guarding services to residential and commercial buildings by appointing watchmen for limited periods.
Public Networking ServicesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialized in providing the services of subscribing & Connecting to international information networking as well as specialized information banks and exchange of electronic mail which includes operating systems and applications such as electronic mail and the exchange of data electronically by using communication networks as well as their local and international lines. The role of those is limited to facilitating subscription procedures against fees or specified amount.
Public Opinion Polling ServicesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms engaged in conducting surveys of public opinion on behalf of others to investigate the opinions of a population as well as collecting data and statistics in any domain, it involves utilizing telecommunications or in person-to-person contact or using any other direct or indirect techniques, it also includes investigating the collective opinions of the public about political, economic and social issues as well as opinion for matters such as marketing, psychology, sociology, health, the process involves designing the poll forms, specifying the sample of population to be investigated and finally issuing the analyses of the results.
Public Relations ManagementConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms perform as a connecting link between commercial entities and the media to introduce and shed light on their activities and achievements as well as promoting corporate image through leaflets, produce information reflecting transparency, establish positive relations with customers by visits and participation in gatherings, enhance their employees sense of belonging.
Quality & Standardisation Certificates Issuing ServicesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms serve as agents to international organisations, which issue quality & standardisation certificates to goods and services.
Quality & Standardisation ConsultantsConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms engaged in services consultancies aiming at improving the standard of quality of the services and products which are provided by the services and the industrial sectors. It also includes providing standardization consultancies on services and products to confirm with standard specifications.
Real Estate Management Supervision ServicesReal EstateIncludes firms specialized in managing and supervising properties as regarding contracting with the firms in charge of maintenance, cleaning and security services, handling the administrative issues for the property's owner, coordinate with lease brokers to find tenants for vacant units in the building, these firms are not allowed to practice selling, leasing or releasing properties
Real Estate ConsultanciesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes providing sound advice to potential buyers as well as developing strategies to achieve their goals and objectives, it involves showing properties, analyzing sales statistics, sourcing appraisers, referring mortgage service providers, contractors and renovation providers. It does not include activities relating to real estate brokers, agents or developers.
Real Estate Valuation ServicesReal Estate This includes the appraisal and assessing the value of fixed property such as plots of land and building for various reasons at the request of specialized surveyors or by official authorities
Recovery Analysis ServicesConsultancy -D- management, information and marketing Includes firms engaged in business systems, data and analytics to other firms, in addition, to assist other firms to meet requirements for collecting, analyzing and producing data from a variety of sources, including e-mail, voicemail, mobile devices, back-up tapes, social media, the cloud, shared server files and databases. Areas of focus can include commercial transaction accuracy, identifying any underpayments or overpayments made by a client in its business dealings with third parties, advise on recovering overpayments where identified in the analysis
Restaurants ManagementFacility ManagementIncludes the provision of advice and assistance as well as overseeing and managing restaurants and coffee shops owned by others, these firms are not allowed to practice real estate activities.
Rental of Loading, Lifting & Construction Equipment with Wheels & MotorsMachinery and Equipment RentalIncludes firms engaged in renting fixed and mobile lifting handling and construction equipment and machinery, with wheels and operating by motors, including electro and hydraulic cranes and trucks loaders.
Self-Owned Property Leasing & Management ServicesReal EstateIncludes firms engaged in renting and managing commercial, residential, industrial buildings and warehouses which are owned by the owner and his second- degree relatives.
Security Studies & ConsultanciesBuilding maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services Includes firms specialized in providing security studies and consultancies, set out security and technology solutions to ensure buildings and facilities safety, also advisory on designing and laying out technical specifications, such firms are not allowed to conduct field questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.
Single Family OfficeFacility ManagementAs described in the DIFC Single Family Office Regulations.
Software HouseConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialized in computer systems software design, implementation, operation and maintenance based on analyzing the user's problems and his need for an economical solution and the programs necessary for realizing such a solution, it involves designing application software designed to run on smartphones and mobile devices.
Sourcing & Procurement ConsultantConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms engaged in sourcing and procurement consultancies, including purchase analysis to determine where to achieve savings, point out the system defects to overcome, so as to minimize the cost, determine the purchases specifications and tender procedures, advise on purchasing sources by rendering to the best standards as might involve E-commerce .It also includes providing advice and assistance on purchasing.
Specialized Professional InstituteEducationIncludes Institutes and high colleges which offer specialized teaching and training at a level above the high school and under the University level, and award the appropriate degrees and certificates. Teaching includes fine arts (painting, sculpture, photography, decoration .. etc.) or profession related to tourism, hotel industry, It also includes cinematic, theatrical, musical institutes.. etc.knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Tax ConsultantConsultancy -D- management, information and marketing

Includes specialised firms engaged in tax advisory to companies, involving advising on VAT services, how to avert double taxation, how to implement tax treaties between countries, reviewing the periodical forms and statements of the companies.

Technology Research & DevelopmentApplied studiesIncludes firms specialized in elaborating studies and experimental and development research related to technology businesses for conducting innovation, introduction and improvement of its products and procedures. It includes setting guidelines to enhance designing, evaluating, implementing techniques and a series of investigative activities to develop new and improve existing products and procedures.
Testing CenterInstitutes and EducationIt is a centre that conducts actual tests or examinations for applicants in specific subject area; usually in association with a global or regional test development body such as TOEFL, IELTS, ICDL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, Cambridge certifications
Three Stars HotelTourism ActivitiesIncludes hotels which, in addition to the standard two stars hotel services, offer spacious accommodations, access to a fitness centre and swimming pools. On-site restaurants typically serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Translation ServicesTyping and translationThis includes offices which provide simple translation for ordinary personal and commercial letters and correspondences. This also includes services related to translation such as proofreading, typing, photocopying, attestation of documents etc.
T.V Programmes & Series ProductionArt ProductionIncludes firms that produce television programs and series such as lectures, educational courses or songs to mass media, educational institutions, visual materials distributors, or to stores engaged in recording video cassettes and discs, the production process may take place in the firm's own studio or in a hired one.
UniversityEducationIncludes scientific and educational institutions embracing a number of faculties which are engaged in teaching applied and social sciences at university, and postgraduate levels (higher studies). They adopt the recognized regulations and curriculums for a period of not less than four years. In addition, they provide the essential elements for the scientific research and studies as well as awarding their students the degrees of their respective levels.knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Web-DesignConsultancy -D- management, information and marketingIncludes firms specialized in designing the pages of the electronic services sites, the internet is used here as infrastructure.

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