Classic cooking meets contemporary taste at Salmontini


Nestled in DIFC, Le Bistro by Salmontini is renowned for its mastery of salmon dishes and commitment to delivering a refined dining experience. With a focus on classic cooking with a contemporary twist, the restaurant invites diners to indulge in fresh seafood and vibrant flavours during Dubai Restaurant Week. 

From the invigorating salmon and prawn poke to the indulgent salmon en croûte and braised chicken with truffles, each dish showcases the culinary excellence and dedication to quality that defines Le Bistro's offerings.

Price: Guests can enjoy a two-course lunch menu at AED 125, and choose to have either a starter with main course or a main course with dessert. For dinner, enjoy a three-course menu with one choice of a starter, main and dessert at AED 250.

For reservations, please call +971 4 388 2468 or email

Friday April 26 - Thursday 9 May 2024