The Clinic SKIN III


SKIN111 Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, the leading providers of IV Vitamin Detox therapy (2021-2023) and Aesthetics clinic of the year (2023) is expanding into the realm of advanced dental care with the launch of The Clinic SKIN III in DIFC Gate Village 7. The new clinic not only features innovative dental care services but also weaves together the worlds of dental car, aesthetics and well-being through providing clients with full turn-key solutions from the inside-out from cosmetic dentistry treatments to their Award winning IV Vitamin Detox treatments.

The clinic is the first in SKIN111’s portfolio to include dental care services and is the first dental care centre in DIFC. It comprises a diverse team of specialists with expertise encompassing a wide spectrum of dental and aesthetic solutions, in addition to SKIN111’s award winning IV vitamin detox treatments. The new clinic also extends its services to include internal medicine, ensuring truly holistic & personalised healthcare for its patients.


Monday - Sunday 09:00am - 09:00pm

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