Company Overview

Status of registration:


Business activities:

Information Technology Consultants

Internet Content Provider


Computer Consultancies

Registered Number:


Registered offices:

Unit GA-00-SZ-L1-RT-208 , GA-00-SZ-L1-RT-209 , Level 1, Gate Avenue - South Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 27172, United Arab Emirates

Company Information


ThynkBlynk Technologies Ltd

Trading Name:

ThynkBlynk Technologies Ltd

Status of Registration:


Type of License:

Non Regulated

Legal Structure:

Private Company

Date of Incorporation :

13 01 2019

Commercial License Validity Date:

12 01 2024


Ahmad Majid Lootah

Parag Jain

Vijayalakshmi KalyanaSundaram


ThynkBlynk Technologies PTE LTD

Al Hilal Capital Financial Services LLC

DNFBP: DIFC Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions


Financial Year End:

31st March

Share Capital:

3000 issued shares of Class A with a nominal value of USD 0.1 per Share

0.000000 issued shares of Class B with a nominal value of USD 0.1 per Share

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Data Protection

Data Protection Officer Appointed:



Personal Data Processing Operations:


Transfer of Personal Data from the DIFC:


Processing of Special Categories of Personal Data:


Purpose for the Personal Data Processing:

Information & Data Bank Administration

Data Subjects or class of Data Subjects whose Personal Data is being processed:

Staff (Agents, Workers), Clients & Customer, Suppliers, Members, Complainants, Correspondents, Enquirers, Relatives and Associates, Advisors, Consultants, Prof. Experts

Description of the Class of Personal Data being Processed:

Personal data being stored is in 2 categories. Firstly, users (individual or institutional) enter basic information to create accounts. Institutions can also enter basic employee information to create accounts for them. By basic information, we mean data points like Name, eMail ID, Company name, Designation, Employee ID etc. Secondly, the type of data stored is the data that gets created within the system by interactions between users. For example, a registered university might issue degree certificates to its students, a government body might issue soft copy of birth certificates, two entities might sign contracts using our eSignature facility and so on. Aside from data collected upon registration, all other data is voluntarily and consciously created by users and can be deleted at any time by them.

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List of Jurisdictions to which Personal Data may be transferred:

Not Applicable

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