BOCA Committed to sustainability and local sourcing


Tucked away in the heart of Dubai’s financial district is BOCA, a Modern European restaurant with Spanish influences and a strong commitment to sustainability and local sourcing.

01 Jul 2022 to 31 Jul 2022, All Day

BOCA is a home-grown concept, born in the desert, and we have consistently showcased the UAE as being far from a barren land. The Hajar mountains of the North are biologically rich habitats, while the Central Region’s oases are home to modern hydroponic, organic, and traditional farms, and the bounty from the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean is plentiful. We live in abundance; we just must look a bit closer and work slightly harder.

SUSTAINABILITY AT HEART In addition to sourcing ingredients locally and supporting local farmers and fishermen, we have stepped up our efforts to reduce waste with the help of our own Waste Officer. We continuously audit our kitchen and bar operations, refuse single use plastic from suppliers and to customers, operate a demand-driven inventory, and prefer working with like-minded partners across the value chain. BOCA is currently undergoing a Carbon Footprint audit by Dubai-based sustainability and carbon management consultancy elementsix.

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