DIFC Offices.

Comprehensive services to assist businesses and residents in DIFC.

    Government Services

    The DIFC Government Services Office is a single window service provider for businesses and residents in DIFC. The services provided include employment and residency permits, and other government services provided to DIFC clients. The office caters to different visas and employment types, including employment visa, visit visa, dependent visa, long term visa and non-DIFC sponsored employment services.

    Access services through the client portal system.

    Opening hours:

    Government Services Office working hours are: Monday to Friday . 08:00am - 03:00pm


Services offered

Visa application

Visa application services for employees and dependents.

Visa management

All visa-related services, including renewal, amendment, and cancellation.

Other services

Driving licences, alcohol licences, and more.

    Registrar of Real Property

    The Registrar of Real Property is responsible for approving and registering all types of transactions related to real property in accordance with the laws and regulations of DIFC.

Services offered


Register a lease or sublease for DIFC property.


Register, vary, or discharge a mortgage.

Security deposit

Pay or refund deposits.

    Commissioner of Data Protection

    The DIFC Commissioner of Data Protection is responsible for supervision and enforcement of the Data Protection Law, DIFC Law No. 5 of 2020. The law prescribes rules and obligations regarding the collection, handling, and use of personal data as well as rights and remedies for individuals who may be impacted by such processing. It is designed to balance the legitimate needs of businesses and organizations to process personal information with upholding an individual’s right to privacy.