Submittals, Requests And External Works NOC

“Submittals, Requests and External Works NOC at DIFC Master Community” is DIFC’s web platform for requestors, including authorities and its appointed contractors, third-party buildings, and/or other entities:

  • who need information on requirements for works inside DIFC Master Community District.
  • who need a no objection certificate (NOC) and permits from DIFC to carry out works in its master community areas and external vicinity.
  • who need to submit/upload documents to DIFC Master Community, pertaining to DIFC third-party buildings, including body corporates/owners/occupiers.

The platform streamlines NOC guidelines and procedures by offering a registration and approval gateway for all types of works and information requests within the DIFC Master Community District.

The aim of this platform is to guide end users, seeking permits in DIFC and at the same time, record and keep the necessary details for continuous improvements, planning and management.


I. Information Request – DIFC Master Community application requirements.

Before requesting for information here, please ensure that the following documents are ready:

  1. Detailed description of the information required.
  2. Location details for which information is required.
  3. Location picture/map (if available).


II. NOC Request – DIFC Master Community application requirements.

Before applying for an NOC here, please ensure that the following documents and approvals have been obtained:

  1. NOC from Road & Transport Authority (RTA): The RTA NOC is required when the request involves: the following:
    • Trial pit/trenches works.
    • Construction works.
    • Utilisation of RTA Right of Way (ROW).
    • Temporary installation works at RTA ROW, such as signage, billboards and advertising.
    • Utilisation of public parking for contractor.
    • Road diversions.
    • Other NOCs/works of special nature

    Please note: All concerned authorities/entities must provide their NOC for the scope of work, as per the information described and specified in the NOC application submitted to RTA.

  2. NOC from the building management/body corporate: This is required only from the DIFC third- party buildings affected by the works.
  3. NOC from DIFC Municipality Planning (Control of Buildings): NOC from DIFC Property Development Department (DIFC PDD) is required whenever the planned works involve the following:
    • Internal and external structural set-up.
    • Building fit-out works.
    • Additional external seating.
    • Change of use.
    • External works.
    • Extra GFA.
    • Subdivision – leasing only.
    • Wayfinding, signage and banners.
    • Advertisement.
    • Streets and public realm.

    Please note: Any external installations/alternations that fall under DIFC Municipality Planning (Controls of Building) are subject to approval from DIFC PDD.

    To obtain the above DIFC Municipality Planning (Controls of Building) NOC’s from DIFC PDD, please click on link below: Third-Party Buildings | DIFC

  4. NOC from Dubai Development Authority (DDA): DIFC PDD NOCs will provide further guidance on such requirements.
  5. Other authorities/entities permit (DM, DCD, DCAA, Dubai Police etc.): Wherever applicable.


III. DIFC Master Community third-party building submittals

All body corporates/owners/occupiers and their contractors and suppliers must comply with the facilities management (FM) and health, safety and environment (HSE) guidelines issued and updated by the master developer from time to time. All other fire, safety, health and environmental laws, rules and regulations in relation to the property, which are under the applicable laws, are further prescribed in the declaration.

Before uploading the required documents here, please ensure that all relevant documents, in accordance with the FM and HSE guidelines, have been obtained:

  1. Valid contracts.
  2. Third-party certifications.
  3. Specialist system service reports.
  4. Emergency readiness reports.
  5. General reports, such as cleaning, waste management, grease trap, ecological unit etc.
  6. Others, such as incident report, external/internal fire drill report, bespoke reports etc.

Please note: In addition to the required documents that need to be provided to the master developer, in accordance with the FM and HSE guidelines, body corporates/owners/occupiers shall promptly provide any other document or information requested by the master developer and/or relevant authorities from time to time.

NOC costs:

  • The cost of external NOCs can be obtained from the relevant authorities when applying.
  • The cost of DIFC NOCs can be obtained from the relevant DIFC departments when applying.


IV. DIFC Master Community access permit request

Before applying for an access permit, please ensure that the following documents are ready:

  1. Method Statement and Risk Assessment (MSRA).
  2. Escalation matrix and work programme.
  3. Emirates ID details of the contractor staff assigned for the works.
  4. Other work-related information and documents.
For submittals, requests and external works’ NOCs, please CLICK HERE